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The Pipemasters - Parte 5

Surf para surfers, por surfers.

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  • Andy Davis

    Hi Shredability profiles quintessential surf artist, Andy Davis, who began with aspirations of being a pro-surfer but quickly discovered his artistic talents.

  • Harley

    Pro surfers Chris Christenson and Brad Gerlach ride across country on Harley motorcycles.

  • The Pipemasters

    Hi Shredability covers the third leg of Vans' Triple Crown of Surfing event in Hawaii—one the most challenging and revered big-wave competitions in the world.

  • Thomas Campbell

    Hi Shredability explores artist Thomas Campbell's deep and rich history within the skating and surfing world.

  • Chad Marshall

    Chad Marshall and Scott Anderson have been working together since surfboards were neon. In the past year Scott's been working on some weird new designs and Chad gets to play test pilot.

  • Creative Destruction

    Creative Destruction is a series of web videos made by a couple assholes from Australia whose sole intention is to make the rest of the world jealous of their travels.

  • Grain Surfboards

    Jake Burghart gets in the van with Mikey Detemple and Hi Shred veterans Scotty Stopnik, and Kassia Meador to travel up the coast to Southern Maine.

  • Dane Reynolds

    Dane Reynolds may very well be the best free surfer in the world.

  • Cycle Zombies

    VBS rides, skates and surfs with Cycle Zombies Scotty, Rat, George and Turkey – a punk rock band with well-rounded extracurricular activities.

  • North from New York

    Like “Sideways”, but on motorcycles and with surfers. And in New England.

  • Searching For Montauk

    Bombing the Williamsburg Bridge and taking the Long Island railroad with the late-night BAT crowd.

  • Mike Black

    When I think of Mike Black, I think of a mix of old-school surfing, advanced mathematical theory, and his drug influenced experimental art and films.

  • Matt & Ford Archbold

    Archy is one of those classic, iconic figures in surfing who represents everything punk little groms want to be.

  • Mike Stewart

    Mike Stewart is the hardest working filmer in all of surfbusiness.

  • Myles Padaca

    Myles Padaca takes his groms out surfing on the North Shore.

  • Mark Cunningham

    The North Shore’s greatest bodysurfer.

  • Kassia Meador

    Our favorite lady-surfer takes us on a bike ride around Brooklyn.

  • Chris Christenson

    Chris Christenson makes surfboards out of his Cardiff, California workshop that are so crazy and avant shaped it’s like, Ahhhhhhh!

  • Rockaway Beach

    Hi-Shredability takes the A-train to NYC’s greatest surf spot and Ramones song.

  • Robin Kegel

    The young gun of the board-shaping industry shows

  • Dan Malloy

    The youngest of the Bros. Malloy forsakes competitive glory to support the Ventura, CA, surf scene.

  • Ry Craike

    Western Australian surfer Ry Craike undergoes massive culture shock at the Huntington Beach US Open.

  • Alex Knost

    Progressive surfing and band practice with the Japanese Motors.