Serie Practice Space

Atlas Sound - Parte 2

Las cuevas obscuras de nuestras bandas favoritas.

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  • PK 14

    P.K. 14, often described as China's most influential band, plays a blend of straight-up punk dosed with a sensible hit of experi-rock play.

  • Atlas Sound

    Thomas Morton sale a comer con Bradford Cox, vocalista de la banda de Atlanta, Deerhunter, conocido como Atlas Sound cuando se encuentra de solista.

  • Elephant Man

    Chrissy Barnes links up with Elephant Man at Bad Boy Studios while the dancehall star is recording a new track featuring Diddy.

  • Golden Triangle

    Thomas Morton visits Brooklyn band Golden Triangle's artsy practice space fully equipped with space for yoga and religious fish.

  • SUBS

    Straight from the underground scene of Beijing, SUBS is a bombastic band that had the unfortunate pleasure of forming during the SARS outbreak.

  • Calvin Johnson

    Step into Calvin Johnson's musical laboratory in Olympia, Washington.

  • Mudhoney

    Jordan heads to Seattle to catch up with Mudhoney.

  • The Rural Alberta Advantage

    Jordan spends the day with The Rural Alberta Advantage.

  • Chad Vangaalen

    Jordan Redaelli heads to Calgary to hang out at Chad Vangaalen’s backyard studio.

  • Harry Merry (NL)

    Voor deze Practice Space gingen we langs bij Harry Merry, de obscure superheld uit Rotterdam die weirde, doch fantastische muziek maakt en die bij zijn moeder woont.

  • Lullabye Arkestra

    VBS visit’s Lullabye Arkestra in their native Toronto.

  • The Almighty Defenders

    VBS catches up with the Black Lips/King Khan/Mark Sultan super-group while they rehearse for a show in Montreal.

  • Obits

    Thomas Morton convenes in the bathroom with Obits, a straight-forward rock supergroup from Brooklyn.

  • Haunted Grafitti

    Ariel Pink talks about the bafflement caused by his group’s name – Haunted Graffiti – and the tour games they play involving the physically handicapped.

  • Silk Flowers

    Silk Flowers are a drum, key-and-button trio from Brooklyn who write brooding, Europeany electronic music tucked away inside a massive post-industrial labyrinth.

  • Blues Control

    Queens’ most hospitable experimentalists face their critics.

  • Amebix

    England’s crust-punk barbarians take refuge in hand-forged swords and mysterious, stone-carved glyphs.

  • Bruno S.

    The man who played Stroszek busks away our blues.

  • The Weight

    Picture-perfect Americanan chill music from a quintet of Southern emigres.

  • Carbonas

    Atlantan punks mix their death-metal metaphors.

  • Sian Alice Group

    Sian Alice Group is one of the few British bands in recent memory whose music doesn’t make us want to walk into the woods and let nature take its course

  • Spiritualized

    VBS meets up with Jason Pierce ahead of Spirtualized’s eerily brilliant live show.

  • Blood on the Wall

    Blood on the Wall give us a night to remember.

  • Hong Kong Blood Opera

    Hong Kong Blood Opera

  • Silverio

    ¿Quién pensaría que México tiene su propio Har Mar?

  • Maria Daniela

    Electro fuck jams from La Condesa.

  • Jessy Bulbo

    Crescendos hiperkinéticos y graznidos épicos de una sirena de la Ciudad de México.

  • Los Dynamite

    Mexican dance-punk in Colonia Roma.

  • Acrassicauda

    Acrassicauda is Iraq’s first and greatest metal band.

  • Hot Chip

    Hot Chip son sopechosamente discretos con su orgullo geek.