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Serie Shot by Kern


El genio fotográfico Richard Kern y sus modelos desnudas.

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  • Kern's Wife

    Richard turns the camera on his photographic colleague-turned-model-turned-wife.

  • Nicole

    Nicole is one of Kern's favorite models

  • Sinead

    In this video Kern shoots Sinead, a 20 year-old sultry well endowed girl who loves to be in the nude. She's not named after Sinead O'Connor, but people sent her parents pictures of the Pope after she was born.

  • Sophie

    Upon seeing some of his photographs, Sophie from the suburbs of Paris wrote to Richard asking if she could model for him.

  • Tama

    This video documents Kern shooting 19 yeear-old Tama, who he dscovered when she was dating one of his friends. Initially, it was Tama's unique conical breasts caught Kern's photographic eye.

  • Stevie and Beverly

    In this episode of Shot By Kern, roommates Stevie and Beverly take Kern back to his days of making punk-inspired bondage films in the 80s.

  • Londres

    Fotografiamos a una japonesa punk y a una enfermera a la que le aburre el porno lésbico.

  • Paris

    After the success of shooting two girls together in Antwerp - Richard decides to do the same again this time with two timid Parisian's.

  • Antwerp

    Who would have thought of Antwerp as a city of choice for smokin' girls?

  • Barcelona

    Conocimos a Mayumi, mitad brasileña y mitad japonesa y a Laura, una chica que parece salida de una porno de los años 70.

  • Fernanda

    Who knew that Brazilians were so uptight about the sex?

  • Zaida

    This week Richard shoots Zaida, the daughter of two psychologists who, frankly, would rather this video not exist.

  • Amelia

    Photographer Richard Kern shoots a model who feels uncomfortable being interviewed but has no problem getting undressed for the camera.

  • Shalene

    A Brazilian blonde to round out the trifecta.

  • Bruna

    Richard captures the South American equivalent of Bigfoot: a Brazilian redhead.

  • Gina and Leah

    Two British BFFs hang out in the library. We've been accompanying photographic genius and connoisseur of the female form Richard Kern on his shoots and talking to both him and his models

  • Sativa

    Waxing philosophical about the evolution of pubic hair with a Led Zep fan.

  • Laura Lee

    Laura's eyes are on a completely different message than the rest of her.

  • Lashea

    Don't expect to find Lashea on Suicide Girls.

  • Katie Rose

    Katie ignores her naysaying friends and poses in this episode of Shot By Kern.

  • Sasha Grey

    Sasha Grey nos platica sobre su entrenamiento físico, el rol del existencialismo y la necesidad de derechos laborales en la industria del porno.

  • Armida

    Armida, a lesbian completely unsullied by male hands.

  • Renee

    Richard's model for this episode is Renee, a fellow North Carolinian and yet another girl from a strict religious background.

  • Jade

    Richard shoots Jade, an inauspicious 20-year-old who started out as a foot-fetish model and has been traversing the entire rainbow of weird sex acts ever since

  • Megan

    Richard shoots Megan, a first-time model from an extremely religious family who seems undisturbed by the Freudian implications of her mustache fetish.

  • Kana

    Richard shoots Kana, a married Japanese woman who reminds us so heavily of Josie from Twin Peaks it is wigging us out.

  • Jessica

    Jessica is a young graphic designer thankfully at odds with the rest of her countrymen’s conservative hang-ups about sex.

  • Ana Lucia

    Ana Lucía, formalmente conocida como "La nalguita rica de 6to año".

  • Laura

    Richard photographs Laura, a lingerie-maker from Bogota who's left her crime-addled homeland for the relative safety of Mexico City.

  • Stevie

    In this edition of Shot By Kern, Richard photographs Stevie, a girl who meets three of his principal criteria: moles, Polishness, and good breasts.