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Ukrainian Fashion Week

Fashion Week Internationale is a series investigating fashion shows existing outside the usual catwalk realms of New York, London, Paris and Milan.

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  • Ukrainian Fashion Week

    Following the Euromaidan protests, Charlet heads to Kiev to see what Ukrainian Fashion Week has to offer. The capital is still reeling from months of revolutionary turmoil which has only started to die down days before the fashion week is scheduled to take place.

  • Tel Aviv Fashion Week

    Charlet and company arrive in the party capital of the Middle East and are treated to a show by Italian fashion giant Moschino. Charlet rubs some fashion people the wrong way by talking about anorexia, and then heads to a restaurant where models are stuffing their faces with food…

  • Tel Aviv Fashion Week - Teaser

    No sooner had the last model left the catwalk than the first rockets to reach Tel Aviv from Gaza in over 20 years started to fall, in reaction to the IDF assassinating Hamas' military chief. We were there throughout it all, trying to make our final episode of 'Fashion Week Intern…

  • Urban Fashion Week

    The CEO of Urban Fashion Week, Billy Bad Ass, holds a casting call and reduces a model to tears. Later on, we're introduced to the first and only black female NASCAR driver. Welcome to Atlanta, aka Black Hollywood.

  • Happy Friday from Fashion Week Internationale

    From the makers of Fashion Week Internationale, a card to celebrate the passing of yet another week of your life you'll never get back.

  • Seoul Fashion Week

    'Fashion Week Internationale' lands in Seoul, the technology and entertainment capital of East Asia. Charlet tries and fails to understand why people there shop at 4 AM, gets a makeover on the subway, and meets Donald King, the loneliest punk in the world.

  • Caribbean Fashion Week

    We arrive in Kingston, Jamaica, and gain an audience with dancehall celebrity Elephant Man, aka The Energy God, to find out why dancehall girls cause local men so many problems. Then we explore the illegal and dangerous skin-bleaching trend.

  • Rio Fashion Week

    Charlet heads to the sexiest city in the world for Rio Fashion Week and goes on a hunt for ass. She plays "spot the transsexual model" backstage at the shows and invites a 19-year-old transgender prostitute into the VICE bang bus to learn more about the "ins and outs" of her job…

  • Nigeria Fashion Week

    Charlet hops off the plane and meets Lexy Mojo-Eyes, the head of Nigeria Fashion Week and premier model agency "Legendary Gold." Then we're treated to quirky runway walks, the Nigerian definition of "swag," and a sweet serenade from the male models. We then move onto fashion wee…

  • Cambodia Fashion Week

    We arrive in Phnom Penh and head to the first show of Cambodia's innagural fashion week, where some models hit the runway "acting stoned." It's followed (naturally) by a tranny-zombie after party.

  • Merry Christmas from Fashion Week Internationale

    Enjoy this Christmas card from the makers of Fashion Week Internationale.

  • Las Vegas International Lingerie Show

    Charlet delves into the Las Vegas International Lingerie trade show, where sexy lingerie seems to have been overrun by dildos, lube, and chocolate vaginas. She then heads to a training session with Vegas Sin, Las Vegas' all-girl team in the lingerie football league.

  • Colombia Fashion Week

    VICE heads to Medellin for Colombia Fashion Week. Formerly the old stomping ground of Pablo Escobar, the city is now trying to throw off its powdery legacy and push fashion up the noses of the world. Charlet, your host, goes to two rival fashion weeks running simultaneously and i…

  • Full Figured Fashion Week

    Charlet arrives in New York to attend Full Figured Fashion Week. First on the schedule is a plus-size model competition where aspiring models literally crawl on their hands and knees for the chance to be crowned winner. Then we check out a plus-size trade show, Curves in the Ci…

  • Islamabad Fashion Week

    Charlet travels to Islamabad for Pakistan's second ever fashion week. Despite the constant threat of extremist violence, she discovers a thriving and fabulous fashion industry lead by the irrepressible style guru of Pakistan, Tariq Amin.