Fashion Week Internationale

Colombia Fashion Week - Full Length

Fashion Week Internationale heads to Medellin for Colombia Fashion Week. Formerly the old stomping ground of Pablo Escobar, the city is now trying to throw off its powdery legacy and push fashion up the noses of the world. Medellin is also fast becoming the plastic surgery capital of South America; people are flying in from all over the world to sample the city's budget body enhancement. We look at how the legacy of the narco-aesthetic inspired by the heady days of the Escobar era is being pushed out in favor of a more European silhouette, i.e. less tits and ass.

Along our journey we meet Escobar's brother, Roberto, and Charlet tries her hand (and legs) at the national sport of pole dancing. We also find out just how far one woman will go to plump her buns.