• Eating Out In New York

    Karley Sciortino talked to an NYC sugarbaby about haute cuisine.

  • Making Crab Mac and Cheese with the Creator of 'Deadliest Catch'

    If you’re ever caught on the treacherous Bering Sea, you would want some comfort food, right? For Thom Beers, creator of Deadliest Catch, it’s all about crab mac. Watch as he juggles lemons, sets a towel on fire, and makes delicious, cheesy goodness that’s sure to make eve…

  • Your Diet Is Making You Smell Weird

    Garlic is an obvious culprit among foods that make you smell nasty, as are onions and curry, but there are also some less predictable scent villains creeping from your esophagus into your armpits.

  • The New Zealand Doctor Who Wants to Wipe Out Soft Drinks

    Gerhard Sundborn, the founder of anti-soda group FIZZ, wants to take sugary fizzy drinks off the country's shelves by 2025. I interviewed him to find out why he hates them so much.

  • I Ate Live Food from a Pet Store for a Week

    Eating mice, bugs, and worms isn’t as bad as our first-world privilege would lead us to believe. If you have the right recipes, it can be downright delicious—even healthy.

  • Fresh Off the Boat

    Fresh Off the Boat: Season Two Leftovers

    We're coming at you with a blooper reel containing some of the most outrageous leftovers from the Human Panda and the FOB crew. Watch your boy, Eddie Huang, in the moments when the cameras shouldn't have been rolling. Can't wait to see you next season!

  • Your Burger Could Be the Next Big Terrorist Target

    Since September 11, 2001, the US government has been focused on preventing another terrorist attack. But while there’s a huge focus on anti-terrorism efforts, our food supply is one of the most vulnerable infrastructures at risk.

  • Old Ladies Have Dominated the History of Weed Brownies

    Many people know pot brownies are on our radar thanks to elderly stoner pioneers like Alice B. Toklas and “Brownie Mary,” but old ladies have always known about the good stuff.

  • How to Make Sous-Vide Pot Butter

    Everyone knows a basic weed-butter recipe. We figured if we’re going to make it, we’re going to make it as complicated as possible. So why not combine God’s gift to OCD-afflicted, gadget-obsessed home cooks (the sous-vide machine) with God’s gift to underachieving couch potatoes…

  • The Walter White of Beer

    For every Walter White, there is a Jesse Pinkman. For the Danish chemistry and science teacher, Mikkel Borg Bjergsø, there were two. During a party at the Copenhagen high school where he worked, Bjergsø and two of his students started organizing brewing sessions in the canteen ki…

  • Brunch Is America's Most Hated Meal Because We All Ruined It

    Brunch should be the most popular meal on the planet. It's casual, the food is usually good, and you can get drunk. Instead, it's the most divisive, complicated meal on the planet. We've poisoned a great thing with expensive dishes, long lines, and elitism.

  • If You’re Eating Fresh Puppy Hearts, You Definitely Have an Eating Disorder

    Tarrare, a young Frenchman from the 1700s, completely redefined overeating with his freaky metabolic disorder that kept him forever hungry. To abate this raging appetite, the guy ate everything in sight, from inanimate objects to live animals. Fresh baby, anyone?

  • Munchies: Guide to Oaxaca - Trailer

    VICE Mexico editor Daniel Hernández journeys through the culinary paradise that is the southern Mexican state. In Oaxaca City, Daniel learns how to properly kiss, not drink, mezcal. Later, in the town of San José del Pacífico, he tries out the local specialty—hallucinogenic mushr…

  • Wheat Isn’t the Reason Why You Can’t Stop Farting

    Gluten-free consumption is at an all time high in 2014, a sweeping health trend with widespread ignorance. But wheat isn’t the likely culprit behind your uncontrollable flatulence after eating a bear claw or two.