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Laurence Haim in the White House Press Pool

What the world's reporters think of the US elections.

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  • Laurence Haim in the White House Press Pool

    Canal Plus reporter Laurence Haim discusses the frustration involved in trying to explain the complex electoral college to French people, and why Ohio is so important to that process. Some Ohioans she meets support Romney, some support Obama, and some say they won’t vote for eith…

  • An Al Jazeera Reporter in Little Havana

    In this episode of 'Foreign Correspondents,' we get a sense of the chaos at the final presidential debate in Miami. Then we follow Al Jazeera correspondent Mohammed Al-Alami as he ventures into Little Havana to do a story on Cuban Americans—that is, if he can pull the locals away…

  • Laurence Haim at the Hofstra Presidential Debate

    i-Télé correspondent Laurence Haim hits the second presidential debate in Long Island, voicing her frustrations about the limited access granted to foreign press and looking forward to joining President Obama on the campaign trail. Laurence and her cameraman then hit the trail wi…

  • A Hong Kong State Radio Reporter at CPAC

    China has a one-party system, so Ben has always been bewildered by the pageantry of our elections. Watch as he attempts to wrap his head around one of America's silliest, and most important, traditions.

  • Laurence Haim of i>Télé at the Presidential Debate

    In the premiere episode of 'Foreign Correspondents,' we examine the the future of journalism in the "Tweetocracy," corporate sponsorship of the American democratic process, and Rudy Giuliani explains why being a socialist in America is a bad thing.