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Fresh Off the Boat: Season Two Leftovers

Eddie Huang's genre-bending venture into subculture through the lens of food.

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  • Fresh Off the Boat: Season Two Leftovers

    We're coming at you with a blooper reel containing some of the most outrageous leftovers from the Human Panda and the FOB crew. Watch your boy, Eddie Huang, in the moments when the cameras shouldn't have been rolling. Can't wait to see you next season!

  • Fresh Off the Boat: Chengdu

    Eddie—a.k.a. the Human Panda—returns to his bamboo roots and discovers that pandas watch panda porn. He gets a taste of Chengdu traditions with hip-hop pioneer DJ SuperBestFriend and eats pig-brain mapo tofu at a "fly" restaurant on the brink of demolition.

  • Fresh Off the Boat: Chengdu - Trailer

    Eddie explores Chengdu and tries authentic spicy Szechuan, gets buried in pure salt, rides a wave pool with a million Chinese people in floaties, cooks with master chef Yu Bo, and discusses the toll that modernization is taking on culture, tradition, and food.

  • Fresh Off the Boat: NYC

    Eddie travels north to the Bronx, where he and WorldStarHipHop star Loopy hit up local bodegas, chow down on a Japanese-Dominican plantain mash-up disaster, and talk about holdin' down the hood, over mani-pedis.

  • NYC - Trailer

    Eddie heads back home, where he scopes out the cultural differences between the Bronx, Brooklyn, and Manhattan. In the Bronx, he gets a taste of what local bodegas have to offer; in Brooklyn, he talks gentrification over oysters; and in Manhattan, he shows us what a day in the li…

  • Shanghai

    In the first part of Fresh Off the Boat - Shanghai, Eddie ventures into the heart of the city where he gets a glimpse into what life is like for those trying to keep homegrown markets alive.

  • Shanghai - Trailer

    In this episode of Fresh Off The Boat, Eddie gets inside the guts of Shanghai by having a red pork cook off with famous Shanghainese chef Andrew Zhao, going into the homes of local street vendors, and spending time in China's fabulous counterfeit malls.

  • London

    In part one of Fresh Off the Boat - London Eddie heads to Brick Lane, a Muslim enclave in East London that's home to Turks, Jews, and now Bengalis, to chow down on some tikka masala with a British twist.

  • London - Trailer

    Eddie explores the different neighborhoods of London by hanging with a some of the cities' oldest gangsters, learning to play the "gentleman's game" of cricket, and by meeting with the multicultural youth who are fighting to break the barriers of race by telling stories from a di…

  • Moscow

    Eddie takes his first shot of Russian vodka, chows down on some "communist dogs" with one of the few black Muscovites, and discusses the country's diverse generation of millennials and their evolving ideologies.

  • Moscow - Trailer

    In the next episode of Fresh Off the Boat, Eddie goes to Moscow and falls in love with Russian kabobs, learns the difference between American and Russian vodka, and explores the underlying racial tensions that modern Russian youth are fighting to overcome.

  • Detroit

    Eddie meets up with hometown hero Danny Brown to eat some massive Big Baby burgers and survey the ways in which Detroit has been affected by the economic downturn.

  • Detroit - Trailer

    In the next episode of Fresh Off the Boat, Eddie heads to Detroit to eat Big Baby burgers with Danny Brown and check out the cuisine of America's largest Muslim population in Dearborn. Part 1 will air on Monday, October 28.

  • Mongolia

    In this episode of Fresh Off the Boat, Eddie heads to Mongolia to take part in the Naadam festival, which celebrates the "three manly sports"—archery, horse racing, and Mongolian wrestling. Then he discusses the effects of Mongolia's recent shift to democracy with some cam…

  • Season Two Trailer

    In Fresh Off the Boat season two, Eddie takes you on a global excursion examining cities in transition. From the abandoned Packard Plant in Detroit to migrant Kyrgyz workers in Moscow to the yurts of the Gobi Desert, we see the wreckage that global capitalism has left behi…

  • Season One Leftovers

    Here are the outtakes, behind-the-scenes clips, and bloopers from the first season of 'Fresh Off The Boat.' Enjoy!

  • Miami

    Eddie takes porn star Jada Stevens to the restaurant Morro Castle for his favorite fritas before witnessing her make a few unsuspecting guys' days—or lives?—in the infamous Bangbus. Welcome to Miami, the food-porn mecca.

  • Miami - Trailer

    'Fresh Off the Boat' brings you sex, hip-hop, and Haitian food in Miami. Eddie gets a food tour of Hialeah in the back seat of the Bangbus, chows down on some barbecue in the parking lot of a strip club with Uncle Luke, and vibes out on the Biscayne Bay with Chef Creole’s usual S…

  • Back in Taiwan

    In this episode of 'Fresh Off the Boat,' Eddie heads back to Taiwan to get heavy into the heavy metal scene—face paint, screaming lessons, and furry pink pillows. He also tastes Taiwan's famous "little snacks" in Gongguan before debating the pros and cons of Taiwanese independenc…

  • Back in Taiwan - Trailer

    In the next episode of 'Fresh Off the Boat,' Eddie returns to Taiwan and vibes out in the metal scene, judges a cosplay fashion show, and taste tests stinky tofu, all while learning how Taiwanese identity is defined. Part one airs next Monday.

  • Los Angeles

    In the first part of the LA episode, Eddie rolls through Tehrangeles and shops for Persian rugs that cost as much as cars, eats brain and tongue sandwiches, and tests out magical saffron ice cream before ending the night at Little Tehran's most famed hookah spot.

  • Los Angeles - Trailer

    During his LA trip, Eddie combs through the city’s crevices eating Mexican food and saffron ice cream, and barbecues with one of the most legendary lowrider clubs in town. LA never fails to bring the weird and unexpected to the table.

  • Taiwan

    In the first of three 'Fresh Off the Boat: Taiwan' episodes, Eddie gets hopped up on betel nut, surveys his favorite delicacies at the Shilin night market, and goes late-night shrimping. We found ourselves in some interesting scenarios, and they all highlight the endearing sense

  • Taiwan - Trailer

    In the second episode of 'Fresh Off the Boat,' Eddie goes on a whirlwind adventure in Taiwan and reconnects with his roots. We laughed, we cried, we had a sword fight with chocolate covered dill waffles. We made friends, we made enemies, and of course, we ate. Part One premieres

  • Bay Area

    Eddie's first stop in the Bay Area is Oakland, where he hangs with a local biker gang that shows hipsters how to shoot guns and hunt for rabbit. After a few gruesome hours in the Oakland outback, they head back to the clubhouse to shoot the shit, throw back a few cold ones, and t…

  • Season One Trailer

    Raw, wild, and heartfelt, Eddie Huang gets down in the underbellies of cities around the world in search of what's cooking in their back alleys and underground spots. He’s hunting rabbits with biker gangs in Oakland, eating seafood and surfing in Taiwan, hitting low-rider BBQs in…