Fresh Off the Boat

Season Two Trailer

In Fresh Off the Boat season two, Eddie takes you on a global excursion examining cities in transition. From the abandoned Packard Plant in Detroit to migrant Kyrgyz workers in Moscow to the yurts of the Gobi Desert, we see the wreckage that global capitalism has left behind and get a glimpse of what could be its next meal in the Mongolian steppes. From high-powered meetings with the pandas of Chengdu and pasta with self-proclaimed celebrity gangster Dave Courtney, we ask the people on the ground whether the changes we're seeing and the progress we've been promised are actually helping the every day man in his pursuit of happiness. Of course, this all happens through the lens of food, across a table, on a plate. Fuck with the kid.

The premiere episode of Fresh Off the Boat season two will air September 30 on

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