• The VICE Guide to Raving

    Everyone's a raver now. “Guitar music is dead” is the kind of thing your dad says—that’s how dead it is. Now, it’s all beats and bells and whistles. The future you glimpsed in 90s movies, when everyone's into techno and has slime-green hair, is upon us.

  • The VICE Guide to Infidelity

    So you’re in a relationship, and you’ve decided to pork someone else. First off, you’re an asshole. Secondly, you're going to need an airtight plan if you want to get out of this thing alive. Happy Valentine's Day!

  • 'Kama Sutra' Spells You Can Use

    Like many works of ancient literature, The Kama Sutra can be read a few different ways: you can view it as a window into the mind-set and customs of a long-departed culture, or you can take it to be a straightforward how-to guide to pretzel sex. Here are some excerpts (rem…

  • How to Date South African Girls

    Very few ugly South African girls end up living outside of South Africa. Somewhere between the beginning of Apartheid and the end of that movie with Morgan Freeman about Apartheid or rugby or whatever, their parents managed to simmer down the gene pool so efficiently that almost

  • Johnny Ryan's Wacky Pack Of Wack Packers

    Johnny Ryan is a Howard Stern Show superfan. He’s followed the shock jock since 1990, back when Stern’s Saturday-night TV show was included in his family’s cable package.

  • Dum Things

    Dee-Dee Penny and her Dum Dum Girls make ’60s girl group inspired pop tunes mired in a murky lo-fi haze that makes your head hurt in a nice way. The band’s debut album, I Will Be, is a fun collection of songs about tough girly shit.

  • The VICE Guide To Iraq

    Iraq is more than just exploding bodies, bloodthirsty zealots, and confused American soldiers. It’s also got spicy meat soups and raisin-juice, verdant rose bushes, and centuries of culture and tradition.

  • The VICE Guide To Russia

    Russia is poisoned. It’s poisoned from shitty old cars running on leaded 76-octane fuel and it’s poisoned from decades of Soviet waste. Its capital is the largest city in Europe and the most polluted.

  • The VICE Guide to Blackfeet Reservation Bars

    There are four bars that you'll want to consider next time you're living on the Blackfeet Indian reservation in northwestern Montana.

  • The vice Guide To Horror Villains

    Real horror fans are nerds who want revenge. We root for our favorite villains the whole way through the film because we WANT the innocents to be killed and tortured. Therein lies the fun. That's why the victims of all the slasher films are preppy football players and their gorge…

  • The VICE Guide to Friendship

    Want to know about all the different kinds of friends? Welcome to the Friendship Forest. It can be a treacherous place, but its rewards are warmth, hugs, understanding, and chuckles. The ultimate goal is finding your BFF, but you'll really have to do some spelunking through thorn…

  • The VICE Guide to Everything

    What the fuck is the matter with people these days? They're walking around, wearing sandals, not paying for shit and talking about their dreams.

  • The VICE Guide to Canada

    That's right America. Canada is not cool. It's bigger than you, correct. It's home to great things like poutine (fries, cheese curds, gravy, repeat).

  • The VICE Guide To Cute

    I know that Sanrio and pacifiers are raver garbage. I know that all the twee pop and lovecore bands of the mid-90s are counting spare change for Ramen noodles now.