Shows Matty Matheson's Hangover Cures

Fresh Mushroom Pappardelle and Sicilian Street Food

With the incomparably awesome Toronto chef Matty Matheson as our guide, we introduce you to some of our favorite chefs and their unbeatable hangover cures.

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  • Fresh Mushroom Pappardelle and Sicilian Street Food

    After filling up on wine and tequila, we woke up Matty and his friends Fabio and Michael and dragged them out to an Italian suburb of Toronto, where they foraged for mushrooms in the woods.

  • Kimchi Seafood Soup

    For the second episode of our pretty much brand new food show, Matty Matheson's Hangover Cures, we took Matty to Montreal to get smashed with the brilliant Antonio Park, just so they could make a spicy seafood kimchi soup the next day.

  • Hakka Style Comfort Food with Nick Liu

    For the premiere episode of VICE Canada's first original food show, we took our host Matty Matheson out to Markham—a Toronto suburb known for excellent Chinese food. After an insane night out, our guest Nick Liu cooked us an amazing comfort food meal to vaporize Matty's hangover…