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The VICE Guide to the Venice Biennale - Part 3

Cuts from the land with the largest number of Italians.

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  • The VICE Guide to the Venice Biennale

    Every two years, Venice hosts the most important contemporary art exhibition in the world. Over a period of six months, the Biennale welcomes over 375,000 visitors and raises millions of Euros. We went to Venice a few months before the official opening to meet artists, curators,

  • Three Days of War

    Historical Florentine Football is an extremely violent sport that originated with the birth of Florence itself. Father to both soccer and rugby, it is played by "calcianti": men, mostly from Florence, who play for honor, glory, and passion. Nobody gets a penny.

  • Mondo Movies

    Together with Gualtiero Jacopetti and Paolo Cavara, Franco Prosperi is responsible for the five documentaries that gave birth to the much-maligned subgenre known as "mondo film": 'Mondo Cane,' 'Mondo Cane 2,' 'La Donna nel Mondo,' 'Africa Addio,' and 'Addio Zio Tom' (aka Uncle To…

  • Jesus Factor

    Our documentary about an Italian talent show that promotes Evangelical Christian music in a Catholic country.

  • Mr. Button

    Franco Jacassi has ten million buttons, give or take a few.

  • Dear Cronaca

    Cronaca Vera (True Chronicle) began in 1969 as a tabloid magazine about Italian crime. Printed on low quality stock, in black and white, and sold at the cost of one euro, Cronaca Vera consists of 15 stories--crazy, depressing, hilarious, local and national, but all of them true.