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Modern Craftsmen: Gregory Laketek

  • Modern Craftsmen: Gregory Laketek

    Chicago native Gregory Laketek, Owner and Salumiere of West Loop Salumi is at the forefront of the cured meat business with the first Illinois USDA certified salumeria.

  • Modern Craftsmen: Jon Pyzel

    Jon Pyzel took up surfing at a young age in Santa Barbara, CA, an area rich in surfing history and known to have some perfect waves. After traveling around surfing and competing, Jon realized that he needed to surf better waves in warmer water, making a permanent move to Oahu's N…

  • Modern Craftsmen: Jason Trammell

    Jason Trammell is a Brooklyn-based drummer and musician who currently plays in the DFA Records band, Sinkane. We meet up with Jason at his practice space to find out how he has developed his craft as a drummer, as well we explore his different projects, ending the night at a loca…

  • A Toast to Corbin Clay for Answering a Gentleman's Call

    Congratulations to Corbin Clay of The Azure Furniture, for rising to the top among four other strong contenders. In the end, there could only be one, Corbin Clay. One idea, heritage furniture from beetle-kill pine. And one hundred grand, to bring it all to life.

  • A Toast to Corbin Clay for Answering a Gentleman's Call - Trailer

    In the end, there could only be one, Corbin Clay.

  • Adam Johnson - Withers & Grain

    Ever wonder what happens to the raw materials of an old building once it gets torn down? In Brooklyn, Adam Johnson takes these items and turns them into furniture.

  • Rance Loftsgard - Bread4Change

    Rance Loftsgard has set out to open a chain of international bakeries in impoverished areas that would spur economic growth by providing culinary training, business education, and employment opportunities to underprivileged residents.

  • Daniel Burstein - The Tomato Upstairs

    Great ideas come at the strangest times. In Daniel Burstein's case, an idea emerged while looking at his local grocery store at a traffic light. Daniel realized how much space was wasted on the building's roof and developed a solution: turn it into an urban farming space.

  • Corbin Clay - The Azure Furniture

    The Rocky Mountains consist of four million acres of beetle-killed pinewood, which poses a large forest fire risk. Corbin saw this wealth of unused reserve as an opportunity and started The Azure Furniture.

  • Tom Rachlin - Clean Water Reserve

    Every day, water is wasted as faucets run while we wait for the water to heat up or cool down. Tom Rachlin's Clean Water Reserve detects "unused" versus "used" water with pressure pads in showers and infrared motion sensors in sinks.