• One World, One Love

    All races of people are not the same. They're just not. It's like saying that a man and a woman are the same. I do not think like a woman and a woman does not think like me. That's why they have the man and the woman. We don't think alike.

  • Boys and Girls

    People like to complain here on the reservation. That’s what they do because that’s what they grew up doing and hearing. Parents say there’s nothing for their kids to do here, but this club has been open for two years under my direction.

  • True Northern Death Metal

    I have to be honest with you, I never thought my Saami heritage would be to my advantage when it comes to music.

  • Offal the Menu

    One of the main delicacies on Barra is black pudding. It’s a tasty sausage of blood, fat and oats. We met a fisherman called Stu and his brother in-law Ian and they told us, over about 15 whiskies, how best to make it. That and another delicacy, sheep’s head soup.

  • VICE Fashion - Saami Boarding School

    In 1964 the board of education decided it was time to right some wrongs—like forcing kids to live in weird, exotic tents instead of houses and giving them shitty teachers—and built modern dormitories for Saami students whose parents lived far away.

  • Games

    I’m white, half-British, half-Italian. As I write this I’m wearing regular-fit jeans and listening to Lungfish. Perhaps that’s why I don’t get this game.

  • They Don't Really Care About Us

    Unless you want to travel by a ferry which often sails through scenes not unlike the opening 30 minutes of The Day After Tomorrow, the only way to get to Barra Island is by a small propeller plane chartered by British Airways.

  • Snack Attack!

    I own the Snack Shack. It’s a little food shop near the high school here in Browning. I’ve been running it for four months but today is the first day I opened it as the owner. I just bought the business.

  • Dos & Don'ts

    Rolling on E can be a bit of a bummer if you're not the center of attention and nobody wants to make out with you. But when you're the master of ceremonies and you're lying there like a Native American Thor with at least three viable pussy options, nothing is better.

  • Welcome to Barra Island

    Bored to cerebal palsy of writing about the shite that happens in the grey, boring, bloated worlds of cities and towns, we made this issue all about life in the remote Outer Hebridean island of Barra (in Scotland).

  • The History of the World

    I drive a supply truck for Glacier National Park. Anything from toilet paper to shotguns for the rangers. Depends on what they want me to move. I have to bring the season passes over to where people buy them, big-time. The park has about a million visitors a season.

  • No More Numtees

    I am originally from Vatersay, which is a small island not far from Barra. The population is about 80 people. My husband Ian is from Barra, although I always thought I’d never get married to a Barra guy.

  • Arctic Birdie

    Kulturkraft is a school project that has been initiated to make Swedish, Saami and Finnish culture meet without people cussing at each other. As a part of this project one class of Saami kids are making contributions to an art exhibition that will open later this spring.

  • Grimewatch

    Grimewatch didn’t appear last month, but don’t freak out, we were only taking a break. In all honesty, we asked one of the grime kids to give us their tidbits and it came back a week late as “Weed, Blank CDs, Cold Drink...” and it just wasn’t that funny.

  • Fry Bread Power

    Indians are not known for their healthy diets. Their history is still in their genes and their genes are very worried about being hungry.

  • VICE Pictures - Sightseeing on the Rez

    That means “I am Pikuni.” Pikuni is another word for Blackfeet.

  • Older Team

    Never knowingly understated, Mogwai’s manager Alan McGee is running around town saying things like: “Honestly mate, no word of a fucking lie, the new Mogwai record is going to have the same impact as Loveless did.”

  • Army Rezerve

    I'm in the Army Reserve. I left for basic training about a year ago. I went to Fort Jackson, South Carolina. Right after we finished with basic, we headed straight out to AIT. That stands for advanced individual training.

  • Top One Nice One

    Inbetween the hordes of urchins parading around in Dick Van Dyke’s hand-me-downs, crowding new British music like Fagin’s gang, it’s easy to lose sight of one Britain’s most authentic musical institutions: rave.

  • Island Life

    When I was young, twenty years ago, families up here were strong. They were very old fashioned and they all worked together to work things out. Families today don’t seem to be the same.

  • I Believe I Can Fly

    I came to Denmark from my homeland Greenland for the first time at the start of the 60s. Back then there were almost no Inuit in Denmark what so ever.

  • Get Off Your Ass

    I’m the manager of Nin-Nah-Too-Sii (“Chief Sun” in Blackfoot), an employment-contract managing business. We started because of the huge need we have here on the reservation for work.

  • Raising Reindeers

    Most people who race reindeers are Saami. The Finns have been doing it for a long time. For us it started when my dad came into contact with some Finns and together they started the Finnish/Swedish Cup.

  • VICE Pictures

    This is the only graffiti we saw on the island apart from on the bus shelter.

  • VICE Comics

    Chief Sitting Bullshit - The Drunk Indian Vs. Nazi Penis

  • Tribal Gathering

    Yeborobo are a big adorable mess. They're one of these childhood friends bands that reads like the class in Saved By The Bell: the geek, the bully, the goth, the cool kid, the girl, the other geek.

  • Medicine Pipe Tradition

    The state of the nation of American Indians today is actually a lot like that of a battered woman. Anybody who has lost their identity and been continually told that they were evil practitioners of witchcraft will begin to believe it.

  • Welcome To Native Land

    This entire issue of VICE was made on native territory, in different, equally remote parts of the world. The first was made in Sápmi, the ancient Saami territory. The second half was made in Browning, the Blackfeet Indian reservation in northwestern Montana, USA.

  • Stop Killing Us

    You can tell the world is getting smaller because we’re having more and more intrusion by government. About 75 years ago the only time you’d see government was when you were called up to go to war or you needed to get a passport to leave the country.

  • Shredding on the Rez

    I play drums in the band Defiant. We started about 15 years ago, me and Tom. Then I met his sister here and this band has taken off over the last four years. We’ve been playing out quite a bit. We play classic rock with a metal influence.

  • Snow Place Like Home

    I've just finished my education. I have a master of technology, with computers as my major. I've broadened it with business administration and law.

  • Skinema

    The Tom Sizemore Sex Scandal

    Do you know why Tom Sizemore will go down in history as one of America’s finest actors? It’s because he refuses to be typecast and he’s not afraid to commit to a role.

  • VICE Pictures - Making the Scene on the Rez

    Going for it at the Warbonnet on a Friday night.

  • The VICE Guide to the Bars of Barra Island

    If you want to drink yourself to death in the most beautiful surroundings possible then I really can’t think of a better place than the Isle Of Barra. No one will catch you at it because there’s basically no-one there.

  • Don't Call it a Comeback

    People need to know that we are on the bridge toward allowing spirituality back to the Blackfeet. The ceremonies that we have today are like opening the door, getting a glimpse of something, and then opening the door again to find out if you really saw what you thought.

  • Tidbits

    According to the most recent Equal Opportunity Survey by the Defense Manpower Data Center, there are 22,864 Native Americans in the armed forces. That’s two percent of the total number of soldiers. Most Natives (39 percent) are in the Navy. Only 16 percent are in the Army.

  • Rez Dawg!

    Dogs hold a special place in the Blackfeet culture. They were the beast of burden before the horse was (horses only became an Indian thing after the white Spaniards brought them over). Blackfeet have four periods of history: Creation, Dog Days, Horse and Gun, and the present.

  • What Happened?

    I’m a doctor, but I am currently not practicing. I teach pharmacology at the local community college. I grew up on the reservation, in the towns of Heart Butte and Browning. I ended up studying medicine in kind of a roundabout way.

  • Gory Days

    My name is Mikkal Morottaja, I'm also known as Amoc and Aanaar master of the ceremony and I'm 21 years old.

  • Tidbits

    They look like baby bird abortions, but these little rock-clinging squidgy guys oooked in garlic butter and seasoned with lemon and pepper is the second most delicious snack on the island after the black pudding.

  • Teaching the Teachers

    The first ever church built in Gällivare was the Lapp Church. They collected one penny of every person in Sweden and built it in 1747. It was a part of the christening of the Saami.

  • Staring at the Sea

    If you live on Barra, the only jobs here are fishing or crofting (farming). I started fishing here when I was 14 and since then I’ve made thousands of pounds and become known as the best fisherman on the island.

  • Welcome to Blackfeet Country

    The Blackfeet tribe has about 15,500 members. 8,500 of them live on the rez. The rez is 1.5 million acres. Do the math—that makes for a lot of open space.

  • Falling Apart

    The main health issue facing the rez is diabetes. People’s diets here are very bad. Then you have heart disease, a lot of STDs among the youth, and a lot of teen pregnancies.

  • Racist Friend

    We nearly used this piece as the intro to the issue. It would have worked well as a sensational “Welcome To Barra” piece. Thing is, it would have been totally unrepresentative of the islanders, who, on the whole, treated us amazingly well.

  • Grizzly Girl

    On September 27th two years ago, my coworker Catherine and I went on a hike to celebrate the end of our summer work season. I have a bad knee from snowboarding and she had previously sprained her ankle, so we decided to take an easy route.

  • Secret Sounds

    If you’ve ever heard an Ariel Pink record you’ll know that his music somehow sounds like everything and nothing at the same time.

  • I Want My Dvds

    This vicious little French/Georgian thriller, which won a few prestigious festival awards last year for best debut feature for its first-time director, hits screens this month and if you’re anything like me, you’ll watch most of it with your hands covering your eyes.

  • Red Apple

    I've never really been exposed to anything different from the reservation. I haven't really traveled.

  • Vice Fashion - Rez Idol

    Brothers Michael and Dean Cross Guns and their friend Clinton Horn are three young Blackfeet men who took a little time to tell you what makes them tick.

  • Boss Drum

    I made that skin over there, it's going to be what I bring to the touring exhibition we're going on with our school. The skin is just about finished, all I need are some branches from nature to make a frame.

  • Give Me a Signal

    Depending on How you look at it, Barra is either an untainted paradise or the most boring place in the world. If you’re a retired fisherman then it’s the first one. If you’re a 17-year-old kid transplanted there from the city, then you’re putting your right hand up the air going…

  • Tidbits

    News flash: Indians call themselves Indians. It’s not a big deal. so stop having powwows about how white people cannot say that word.

  • Top Producers

    Skepta “The African Hottie” and Jammer AKA. The Murkle Man’s hilarious diss-track “Swag MC Burial” are taking shots at half the grime scene, with Skepta’s verse single-handedly putting an end to rival crew SLK.

  • No More Firewater

    I was addicted to alcohol. I’ve been to five treatments. I did meth too. That doesn’t get you anywhere. It takes everything away from you. Your kids, your house… your entire life. It’s a bad drug. It’s taking over Native communities lately.

  • More Crunk Please

    Metronomy is a guy called Joe Mount who, if we all hold hands and believe hard enough, could turn out to be Britain’s answer to that chubby guy from the DFA and LCD Soundsystem, James Murphy.

  • Electric Independence

    If you love spending money you haven’t got on incredibly cool and expensive psychedelic disco records that you’ll play maybe four or five times before filing them away, then New York’s just-so Whatever We Want deserves to be your new favourite label.

  • Boxing Out

    Frank Kipp and his brother Thomas are doing a huge service to the Blackfeet reservation. They’ve opened up a fully equipped boxing club smack-dab in the middle of the harshest part of town.

  • Herd and Destroy

    Up here it's all about metal. You can see for yourself, as soon as a band strays ever so slightly from that monotonous, fast drumming, as soon as they become the least bit inventive, the floor clears at live shows.

  • Tha E Math A Bhith A'

    Tha e math a bhith a' fuireach ann am Barraigh, gu h-àraid anns an t-samhradh. Bidh a' ghrian ris agus bidh a h-uile duine a' dol gu na tràighean àlainn, geala agus a' snàmh anns a' mhuir.

  • The VICE Guide to Blackfeet Reservation Bars

    There are four bars that you'll want to consider next time you're living on the Blackfeet Indian reservation in northwestern Montana.

  • VICE Fashion - Island Kids

    “I’m the only rocker on the island. I’m in a band called the Lack Pack with my dad. My favourite band is AC/DC. I want to leave the island one day and be in a famous rock band. I have my own style and I’m developing it all the time.”

  • Feel the Wrath

    Integrity came out at a time when hardcore was heading at light speed into Planet Gay Prog Metal Zone and emo college rock was about to engulf the world. Their first EP “In Contrast Of Sin” united crusties, punks and SXE zealots around the world with its violence and brutality…

  • And Another Thing...

    NINETY-NINE percent of the people down in town ON the reservation will sit there and tell you about our spirituality and our culture, but they know nothing about it. They don’t know any more than a white man.

  • Vice Mail

    We’re planning a Stupid Boring Wimp Issue soon, so please do carefully talk about possibly sending something along at some point (maybe).