• Tidbits

    Muddy face masks are a pain to wash off and they make the whole sink messy. When you can peel it off in one big piece it’s clean, satisfying, and fun (because you can do this thing where you pretend you’re peeling off a fake identity like in spy movies).

  • Doomsday Metal

    Sigh, the japanese black metal band, wrote, "We are not girls!" on the back of their second album. The band was the first ever non-Scandinavian signing to Euronymous's Deathlike Silence Productions, and allegedly they got bugged by heaps and heaps of love starved men after the re…

  • Girls On The Mat

    I'm really into boxing lately. I love watching it, reading about it, and attempting to learn how to do it.

  • No Girls Allowed

    After being rap's number-one media darlings for about three years and releasing two impeccable mixtapes, Clipse put out Hell Hath No Fury, arguably the best album of 2006. So why does it seem like you need a penis to enjoy what they do? Back in high school, I remember girls liste…

  • I Turned Normal for a Week

    VICE recently asked me to become a normal girl for a week and document it. I guess a big reason they asked me to do it is because I take a lot of self-portraits and I can come across as a pretty disgusting person.

  • Huggy Snake

    Are you into girls who play bass with butcher knives, deep-throat microphones, scream their brains out, and name their albums Make Like a Fetus and Abort? Me too! That's why I'm psyched about 16 Bitch Pile Up. When they started out about four years ago

  • Norse Goddess Of Destruction

    Anyone backwards enough to still claim that girl vocals have no place in metal never heard Runnhild Gammelsæter. Way back in 1995, at the tender age of 16, she provided ruinous voice to groups like Thorr's Hammer, of which Sunn0)))'s Greg Anderson was a member.

  • Records

    Dipset Christmas

    I couldn’t even believe this was for real, but it is. Not since “Trapped in the Closet” has a record worked on so many levels, so brilliantly

  • Why Girls Go To The Bathroom Together

    Mapei moved to Sweden when she was about 10 and ended up getting a total culture shock. Now she's stuck halfway between being a serious adult and a happy-go-lucky Sesame Street kid. The result has turned her into a rapping rainbow with a sound like a New Yorker doing Miami bass,

  • Go With The Flow

    Right now, New York bands come in two flavours. There's the Brooklyn groups that all have Neanderthal beards, plaid shirts and want to sound like Clap Your Hands Say Yeah. Then there's the angel-faced Manhattan pixies that want to sound like The Virgins; the bitch and the butch,

  • Grimewatch

    Girls and grime don't mix so well. So to adequately prepare for this month's column I decided it was necessary to do a little research in the form of a date.

  • Working Girl

    All around the world and since the dawn of time, pretty young girls have made money off the horny minds of older men.

  • Mystery Blonde

    Sometimes you just can't do without shimmery synths, plastic drums and easy melodies that snuggle up in your ear and just won't let go. That's right, the world needs Italo, and everything that comes with it, ie. neon dancefloors, dry ice, puffy sleeves, red nails and big spiky ha…

  • Don't Tell A Soul

    As some poet guy has surely said at some point, "All women are big piles of secrets on two legs." Or as the dwarf in Twin Peaks told Agent Dale Cooper in reference to Laura Palmer, "She's full of secrets." What that little dwarf meant is that every woman is full of secrets. And i…

  • Vice Fashion - Hey! Girls At The Klaxons Concert! What Happened When The Show Was Over?

    Photos by Taz Darling, Styling by Aldene Johnson

  • Skinema


    Fuck a condom. I hate condoms. Always have. I have an allergic reaction to them: The mere sight of them makes me go limp.

  • Me and the Girls

    On shows like Gilmore Girls and The OC, high school girls talk like teenage Woody Allens, with every decision grounded in hours of garrulous overanalysis before and after the fact.

  • Worst Gift Ever

    It was supposed to be the first dinner he ever cooked for me. We were at his place and he just grabbed two already-opened, half-finished, icy bags from the freezer.

  • Hen Nights

    The Temple Bar area of Dublin city centre is where gangs of women from Britain and Ireland traditionally go to celebrate their hen nights. The hen nights involve dressing up in fancy costumes, getting very, very, very, very drunk, and flashing your tits at strangers.

  • Vice Fashion - Best Friends

    Photos by Richard Kern
    Styling by Annette Lamothe-Ramos

  • Canary Birds

    They're inspired by Judy Garland and RuPaul, who woulda guessed?

  • Craft Time

    "Tina" (aka crystal meth, aka "ice," aka "crushing paranoia and pain powder") has been making a huge comeback in New York lately-and not just with its usual audience of glitter-faced club-kid homosexual people.

  • I Was A Teenage Superstar

    Robyn Carlsson wrote her first songs aged 11 about her parents' divorce and being a girl and liking boys and stuff llke that. By the time she was 16 she was a Swedish pop sensation. Her 1997 smash hit "Show Me Love", produced by Max Martin, the songwriting

  • Hostess In Japan

    Happy stories and horror stories from women working in Japan

  • Hungry for Pain

    VICE: So, Mary. You have an interesting hobby. Would you mind telling people what it is? Mary: Well, I don't even tell my closest friends about how I like to spend my free time but basically I like to meet strangers on the internet for abuse.

  • Vice Mail

    PALAHNIUK PAROXYSM, Re: Your Fiction Issue. Chuck Palahniuk seems to be using a lot of the tried and true techniques that gained him his career, but it’s time to move on. Think bigger.

  • Lingerie Party

    You'd imagine those parties where "adult lifestyle" company reps come over to your house to flog frilly knickers and sex toys to be a prudish affair involving frumpy, middle-aged women mortified by the thought of coming into contact with any type of battery operated object.