• Weapons Of Mass Bewilderment

    The infamous battle of the Baghdad airport took place in the first week of April 2003. It was the final battle of the "official" conquest of Iraq.

  • Sunni Or Shiite?

    After the fall of Saddam's regime in 2003, the army was dissolved, and former high-ranking Baath Party members were removed from their positions.

  • Iraq From Above

    Do you know that thing Denzel Washington said in Philadelphia, where he'd go, "I don't get it. Tell it to me like I'm a five-year-old." When he said it, he meant, "Cut the shit."

  • Tidbits

    Right after the invasion or the liberation or whatever (in Iraq we call those first days "the war") there was beer available everywhere. Then the extremists started killing the

  • Baghdad Brothel

    Allah never smiled on street walking. Under Iraq's former Baathist regime, being a prostitute was seriously risky business.

  • Records

    Highway To Hassake: Folk and Pop Sounds of Syria

    This is the kind of album people would play on a raucous desert trip, blasting across the sands. Arabic music in general is an acquired taste because of its use of quarter-tones, those weird bendy-soundi…

  • Pictures Of Clerics On My Bedroom Wall

    This is a Basra street vendor who sells posters of Shia holy figures. About 60 percent of Iraqis are Shia, and about a third of that percentage are super-duper into it. These hardcore little gangs run the show in Iraq.

  • Third Ass From The Right

    Iraqis, after living for decades under an oppressive totalitarian regime in which one offhand remark could ensure a quick trip to the gallows, have mastered the art of the whispered political riff.

  • Farahkchi Pride

    I know one gay guy. I met him about eight years ago at the Baghdad fine arts college. It's weird because he is married and has very cute twins, but all his friends know he is gay.

  • You Can't Go Home Again

    Mostafa Alshawi fled from Iraq to Sweden with his family when he was three. 20 years later he returned to his home country. He's a proud member of the Shia Islamic clan of the fishermen in Iraq, and in Sweden he is enrolled in the Police Academy.

  • Keep It In The Family

    Even after the guards got caught stacking naked prisoners like a hairy, human-rights-violating cheerleading team in 2004, very little changed in the awful conditions at Abu Ghraib.

  • Vice Pictures

    Photos by Kevin Smith, Christoph Bangert & Yobert Younan

    "I'm in the US army and I was in Iraq from April 2005 to January 2006 training

  • Little Iraq

    I have two cousins that live in Iraq. Sara is 15 years old and Dani is 13. They both live in the al-Yarmouk district of Baghdad, which locals have christened "the streets of death" due to the constant attacks and random violence that plagues the area.

  • The VICE Guide To Iraq

    Iraq is more than just exploding bodies, bloodthirsty zealots, and confused American soldiers. It’s also got spicy meat soups and raisin-juice, verdant rose bushes, and centuries of culture and tradition.

  • Skinema

    Assraelis: Israeli Erotica

    I’m a big fan of war. What can I say? I’m an asshole.

  • Saddam H. Christ

    Dr. Najeeb Al-Nuaimi was a lead lawyer on Saddam Hussein's final legal defense team. Al-Nuaimi first came to prominence defending Guantánamo Bay inmates, and recently this renowned human rights activist of the Arab world sat down to talk to us.

  • Vice Mail

    Thanks a million for The Girls Issue! 2006 was pretty shitty—I lost my job, got fucked over by untold boys (it was international fuckeries too—one from Sweden, one from L.A.

  • Shhhhh!

    "Sex, drugs, and rock 'n' roll" is a Western concept. In Iraq, it's more about the lack of these things. Nightclubs don't exist, sex is sacred and private, and you'd have a better chance seeing two people making out in the street than you would of finding drugs being sold.

  • Vice Fashion - Kurd Stars F.c

    Photos by Alex Sturrock
    Styling by Aldene Johnson

  • Insurgent Vs. Insurgent

    Abu Omar cleans his machine gun with an old checkered Arab headdress that he also uses to conceal his identity when he's fighting on the streets. But this insurgent hasn't fought the Americans in two weeks.

  • Bird's-eye On Baghdad

    Keeping up with the daily, nightly, weekly, and yearly suicide bombs and gunfights and political machinations in Baghdad neighborhoods with names like "Makes-No-Sense" and "Complicated-to-Read" is starting to confuse us.

  • After The Battle, A Feast

    Some Iraqi specialties.

  • Vice Fashion - Iraqi Memorabilia

    Photos by Emma Andrea
    Styling by Christine Gustafsson

  • Counterfeit Iraqi

    For many years, I've known this guy who makes counterfeit documents. He's not the only one in Iraq doing it, but he's one of the best. He can fake anything from a passport to a visa.

  • Doctor Doom

    Thirty years ago, Iraq's health care system was one of the most stellar in the Middle East. It was devastated by repeated conflicts and 13 years of embargo, and the invasion destroyed anything that was left

  • Iraqi Girls: Home & Away

    Three Iraqi girls not in an Iraqi world.

  • Life In Hell

    Running for your life from fundamentalist bandits, helplessly watching innocent women being shot in the street, and car-bomb explosions that shatter your bedroom window. Just another humdrum day in the life of a student in Baghdad.

  • Leaving Iraq

    For years there has been a steady stream of people leaving Iraq. Our Iraqi buddy Isam Kalka tells us people make a pit stop in Jordan or Syria because it's close and the countries have a history with Iraq, but after that most people travel on elsewhere.

  • Goal!

    Iraqi people have always really liked soccer. In any neighborhood you go, you'll find kids and men alike playing the game passionately, as though great kingdoms depend on the outcome.

  • I Was Uday Hussein

    The hand that rocks the oil pumps controls the world. Between 1979 and 2003, that hand was Saddam Hussein's. He would also use it to sign death warrants on dissenters, to murder his own countrymen, and to plot disastrous wars with neighboring countries.

  • I Want My Dvds

    Even back under Saddam, when we weren’t allowed to have email, you could still find pretty much any Western movie you could ask for (porn excluded)