• Skulls And Bones in Sierra Leone

    I'm bending over an open grave in Sierra Leone and trying not to fall in. A boy stands next to me. He's a member of a crew of kids who call themselves Skull and Bones.

  • My Other Soapbox Is Your Ass

    Do you like Polack jokes? I've always been a big fan of them. An Italian, a rabbi, and a smiling Polack walk into a bar.

  • VICE Presents The People's Lists

    Fine art can really make you sick. Or so says Dr. Graziella Magherini, author of The Stendhal Syndrome.

  • Larps Of The Near Future

    Everybody knows that Live Action Role Playing is the funnest way to turn your pointless existence into a thrill ride of unbounded possibilities and constant adventure, right?

  • Please Snort Me

    Why hello there, sonny. You too, little miss. So you're the young whippersnappers that're living in good old Williamsburg, Brooklyn, now, huh?

  • El Nuevo Alarma! Is Mexico’s Best Crime Tabloid... - Part 1

    Alarma! is the oldest of Mexico's prensa roja (red press) tabloids.

  • How To Count Cute!

    Chinese girls do this thing called "cute counting." Actually it's called "da tou tie de ke ai zhi shi," which can roughly be translated as "cute faces for big-head photo stickers."

  • Counterfeit Fun

    After the media frenzy last summer about Beijing Shijingshan Amusement Park's blatant and badly done Disney World rip-offs, the majority of the attractions were summarily demolished.

  • NJ T-shirts & You: Perfect Together

    Growing up it always seemed like my home state of New Jersey got a bad rap. Everywhere I traveled people appeared to think that it was just one big cesspool full of loudmouthed Italians.

  • Vice Fashion - First Love

    Photos by Jeroen W. Mantel
    Styling by Renske Van Der Ploeg

    Vice: So you two are in love. How did you meet?

  • Suck on This

    The inspiration for my series of gum paintings first came to me when I was working on my papier-mâché boulders.

  • Literary

    If you buy this book, skip Afrika Bambaataa’s foreword and Jeff Chang’s pointless timeline (“1984—Brian DePalma’s Scarface is released”) and go straight to Buddy Esquire’s Flyer Art section.

  • Vice Fiction - My Appetite

    I began stealing when I was twenty-two. The first thing I stole was a chocolate muffin. I started eating it on my way round the supermarket and finished it before I got to the till. From then on, whenever I did my weekly food shop, I'd steal something.

  • Sheppard’s Video Game Pie

    Manhunt 2

    How long does it usually take for someone to put up a rudimentary walkthrough of a video game at GameFAQs? Three hours after the game is released? Four?

  • Gully-sidal Tendencies

    Mavado is the best thing to have happened to dancehall in years. He has the premier new catchphrases ("Anywaaaaayeeeeeee" and "Gangster for liiiife"), if you look into his eyes you'd swear it was the devil looking back at you.

  • Electric Independence

    At the end of October last year, Bogdan Raczynski fell from a hotel window in Graz, Austria, and ended up in hospital with two broken heels. Heels-ouch.

  • Do It!

    Since bassline isn’t coming to London anytime soon, when a film Easychord shot got accepted into the Sheffield Film Festival late last year, we decided to head up to South Yorkshire the weekend of the festival to check out a bassline rave first hand.

  • Vice Fashion - Postcards From The Big Calf Island

    Photos by Juoko Lehtola
    Styling by Janic Leino

    The best Finnish saunas are on private islands like this one, Iso Vasikkasaari

  • Amplified Samples

    Samples. There are plenty of rotters out there dressing their shitty songs up in them, applying them as liberally as possible without realizing everyone can see straight through their horribly stuck-together musical golems.

  • Winter Waterfight

    Photos by Jonnie Craig, Styling by Aldene Johnson

  • Endless Harmoniacals

    Jazz can be scary. Unless you are some child prodigy in a Richard Powers novel, it's unlikely you will experience that much jazz in your quotidian existence.

  • Western Humiliation 2007

    John Sharkey is the singer and guitarist for Clockcleaner, the band that singlehandedly caused us to rethink music from Philadelphia.

  • Vice Fashion - Rock And Roll, Keep Playing For Me

    Photos by Jonnie Craig, Tara Darby, Gavin Watson, James Pearson-Howes, and Ben Rayner.

  • Vice Fashion - ... And God Created Woman

    Photos by Stacey Mark

  • Bees And Trees

    Baby Dee is a singer-songwriter-harpist-pianist with a voice like an angel who fell from heaven. She has played with Current 93 for a while now, and she just put out a solo record of strong and sad and pretty songs on the Drag City label.

  • Skinema


    One thing I’ve been rather curious about lately is how much exactly is it to buy a kid from some third world country. I’ve heard anywhere from $40,000 to $80,000.

  • VICE Mail

    Re: the “War Resistant” article: All you military deserters deserve exactly what you will get. You were never forced into it. You joined of your own free will.

  • Newsflash: Electro Still Sucks

    Although few history books will be using this as a reference, and many casual observers may not be aware of this, as far as some dance fans are concerned we have entered the post-Justice era.

  • Records

    Everybody’s walking around saying this album is great. They’re wrong. It’s better than Jigga’s last piece of crap, but it’s hardly reminiscent of Reasonable Doubt and The Blueprint.

  • Yet More Fucking Hippies

    Ever had a hangover that you could describe as "beautiful"? They're not common.