• Sunny Side Up

    Randy Polumbo is a softly spoken American artist who makes the snoozesome world of modern sculpture seem a hoot a minute.

  • Life In The Jungle

    Calais is the closest point in France to the United Kingdom. Besides that distinction, it’s basically sort of a shithole.

  • Comfort Food

    As with everything else they do, the girls in Japan take it just that little bit too far, right up to the point where it’s basically obsessive-compulsive disorder.

  • The Brutal Hills Of Sicily

    In the small Sicilian farming town of Niscemi, old women wear black shawls and men carry shotguns in the trunks of their cars. Most of them are used for hunting.

  • Illegal Operations

    In 2006, David Matas, a prominent human rights lawyer, released a report claiming that the Chinese government was using imprisoned Falun Gong practitioners as an organ transplant supermarket.

  • Flatliner

    It’s 1994 and I’m lying on a cold, hard X-Ray table in the cardiac catheterization room of the Methodist Hospital in Houston.

  • Prawns Ahoy!

    It’s important that the last woman you see before you board a fishing trawler is reasonably hot.

  • Stuck In Saskatoon

    The corner of Avenue C and 20th Street West in the heart of Riversdale, Saskatoon, is in one of the poorest neighborhoods in Canada.

  • The Welsh Suicide Contagion

    Bridgend rose to international fame in 2008 when a 17-year-old girl, Natasha Randall, was found hanged shortly after the new year.

  • Protest By Fire

    Everything starts to look a bit unremarkable once you stumble upon a hospital ward full of girls who have tried, and failed, to kill themselves.

  • Jesus Was A Terrorist

    Barun Roy is the editor of The Himalayan Beacon, a monthly magazine based in Darjeeling that has a reputation for unswerving journalism and being more clued-up than anyone else.

  • Tears Of A Porcelain Clown Egg

    Out of the blue, photographer Luke Stephenson emailed us 34 photos of eggs painted with the faces of famous clowns.

  • The Busy Gallows Of Iran

    Iran is the only country in the world that continues to execute children. 2008 saw six teenagers get the chair kicked from under them (that's right, hanging is the preferred method).

  • Street Poll

    Vice: When were you last saddest?

  • Workshop Workshop

    If you want to write highbrow fiction today, you’ve probably at least considered getting a Master of Fine Arts in Creative Writing.

  • The Dusty Ground And The Dying Koalas

    Australia’s the driest inhabited country in the world, and many parts have been in a state of perpetual drought since the mid-1990s.

  • An Arctic Wave Of Teenage Suicide

    Relative to the size of its population, the suicide rate here is the highest on earth. And the most disturbing part of the stats? It is children and teenagers who are driving the numbers up.

  • My Obama Hajj

    As someone raised on Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory, I have to report that the actual invitation to the 2009 presidential inauguration looked a tad underwhelming.

  • Who's Hungry?

    On the afternoon of June 12, 1981, a Japanese man named Issei Sagawa walked into the woods in Bois de Boulogne, France, carrying two suitcases.

  • In Bed With...

    Photos by Lele Saveri
    Styling by Anna Carraro

  • Vice Comics

  • Skinema


    Fuck. Google this DVD and look at the back cover. You can't handle the back cover! It made me want to vomit into my laptop. Dead center there is a photo of what my friends affectionately refer to as a “pink sock.”

  • War Jokes


  • Vice Fashion - The L'il Fashion Hell Color 'n' Fun Storybook

    One day in the future, maybe not so far away, you'll end up in Hell!

  • Too Loud

    In school I was never afraid of the jocks or the pretty kids because I knew that they'd never amount to anything. I was always scared of the drama kids and nerds, because they weren't afraid of anything. Every nerd kid I knew then is now either a politician or a rich web designer…

  • So Lonely

    Nathan Williams is 22 and makes music on his own in a lo-fi project he calls Wavves. He used to be in a band called Fantastic Magic, which actually managed to out-lo-fi Wavves. Once you hear Wavves you'll find that hard to believe. Each Wavves track that gushes never-endingly fro…

  • Some New Photographs by Jerry Hsu

  • Electric Independence

    Regular readers may have noticed the absence of this column in Vice for most of last year. For those who cared, I can only mumble a sheepish apology and promise to write it more regularly. What amazing new music have you missed out on? Quite a lot, I suspect, very little of which…

  • Vice Comics


  • VICE Mail

    I am a single mother trying to raise a 13-year-old girl on my own. I am disgusted that my daughter can go to American Apparel and pick up your magazine, which borders pornography. WTF!!!!!

  • Epicly Later'd

    First I tried to leave the skateboard world by leaving Thrasher, only to get sucked back in by VBS.TV. Now I have completed the regression by moving from a luxurious one-bedroom apartment in the East Village to a skate house in West Hollywood. Spanky had an extra room on O…

  • Berlin's City Of Night

    The Motzstraße is the epicenter of Berlin's gay sex scene. Here you can find dildos, poppers, S&M gear, S&M videos, S&M magazines, chokers, masks, harnesses, cock rings, anal lube, anal beads, those dildos that have fake horse tails on the end so you look like a horsey when you h…

  • Vice Comics


  • Sheppard’s Video Game Pie

    Mirror’s Edge

    Mirror's Edge is an innovative but controversial title that heavily divides players. I liked it, but it's not for everyone.

  • Records

    You'll Never Play This Town Again

    This isn't just the best noise band of the 1990s, it is the best noise band of the history of ever. Drummer/singer Adris Hoyos was, is, and will forever sound completely

  • The Troublemaker

    On a Wednesday afternoon in February 2007, I shared a booth with a man named 26 inside the Travelers Club International Restaurant & Tuba Museum in Okemos, Michigan. We'd picked a spot far enough from the door to give us some respite from the winter blast, and dozens of African m…

  • I Like Some Things, I Like Some Places

    Photos by Valerie Phillips, Stylist: Aldene Johnson

  • Shot By Kern

    Richard Kern photographed Argentine-born Ana Lucia at her home in Mexico City. She told us that in middle school her nickname was "The Sweet Little Ass From Seventh Grade."
    If you go to VBS.TV/shotbykern right now, you can watch her get naked and