• Employees of the Month

    Punk surrealist Winston Smith has been hand-crafting provocative collage art since the 1970s, when he started appropriating insipid icons in magazine ads from the 40s and 50s to create absurd, sometimes politically charged images.

  • A Hairy Situation

    It turns out Sweden's tolerance extends only so far as its armpits.

  • Vibrators Through the Ages

    Welcome to the museum that celebrates one of the most important technological breakthroughs of the past millennium: the vibrator.

  • Lights Out

    Bill Odenkirk wrote a poem to acknowledge the tragic demise of Thomas Kinkade.

  • Lap That Shit Up

    Even if you think your shit doesn’t stink, consider that at one point or another your thirst has probably been quenched by water from a septic tank.

  • Deaf Comedy Jam

    Deaf comedy hasn’t had a lot going for it ever since black people ran it into the ground in the 90s.

  • Sheppard’s Video Game Pie

    The Playstation Vita

    Lots of people don’t have to get a Vita. Should they?

  • The Twitch

    To become Miss Snake Charmer, a revealing swimsuit and a desire for world peace aren’t enough. You must also have enough skill with a knife to remove the epidermis of a serpent.

  • Sorry Your Dog Got Decapitated

    If there’s a golden rule for people who run a dog-sitting business, it is this: Don’t let the dogs you’re watching get mauled by other dogs.

  • The Cute Show Page!

    Lovely Owls

    I think if everyone got his or her own owl to raise we would have world peace in no time.

  • Skinema

    Girls Love Girls #4

    Before long, Heather is blowing smoke up Madison’s ass (when played in reverse, it looks like Madison shits out smoke. And tells you to kill your parents).

  • Records

    Killer Mike is so smooth and fluid, yet hard at the same time. He’s like a nanostructured amorphous solid, or Slimer with a boner.

  • Combover

    Smart as a Rabbi

    I’ve seen dead bodies before, but this is going to be rough. This one is going to sting right where my foreskin used to be.

  • Alligator Story

    Author Barry Gifford shares with us an unpublished short story about beheading, skinning, and gutting a gator in the Gulf.

  • The Black Tar Tits of Afghanistan

    Suckling from a junkie tit can be lethal, which is pretty much the most hopeless image imaginable.

  • Earl Is Free

    How I got to eat a burger and fries with my idol, Earl Sweatshirt of Odd Future.

  • Pretty Kool-A

    Starring Maggie Lee and Sandy Kim

  • How to Make the Perfect Mangina

    Every boy has given himself a mangina at least once. But for transsexuals and drag queens, whose job it is to not have a dick, tucking is less a boyhood larf than an essential trick of the trade.

  • Karachi Kills VICE

    All signs point to a country that is ready to explode, and considering the reporting I’ve conducted here over the past seven years, it appears that Karachi may be the detonator.

  • Living Off Death

    As long as the bodies keep piling up, Yovani's mom-and-pop Mexican mortuary thrives.

  • Memory Is Selective

    I’ve always wondered if having sex while an extra person or persons were in the room was and still is a vital part of Carl Abrahamsson’s sex life.

  • Another Day in Paradise

    Linda Forsell's new photo book depicts the subtle violence and ordinary daily activities of life inside the Israel-Palestine conflict.

  • Cracking Cryptocacti

    The Cactus of the Four Winds is rumored to possess supernatural curative powers. I searched for a wild specimen of the cryptocacti in Lima, Peru.

  • Ave-Done

    Aliya Naumoff tried to think like Richard Avedon for a day.

  • Inside the Looney Disco

    Regardless of which psychological disorder they’re afflicted with, all patients are equal on the dance floor.

  • Take a Stab

    The Sufi dervishes of southern Iraq practice an intense brand of Islam, which involves them continually stabbing themselves with spears and knives.