• Five Inches of Limbo

    These portraits are from Annie’s forthcoming self-published book, 'Five Inches of Limbo.' It was inspired by dolls found in junk stores and Margaret Atwood’s “Five Poems for Dolls.”

  • Self-Portrait as Yoda

    Unless we are all vaporized in the fiery doom of Quetzalcoatl’s return, stay cool till next summer.

  • A Better Place

    This selection of photos features shots of a spiderweb amid a backdrop of trees, a country landscape from an aerial view, and a home with a very active chimney.

  • Deflections from a Straight Path

    Photograher Peter Sutherland is a frequent contributor to VICE. This particular selection of photos captures colored light as it refracts, creating different patterns that make us feel at one with the universe.

  • Tough Love

    In this photo selection, Olivia Fougeirol captures what appears to be a rather stylish bum rocking sportswear and utility tape accessories outside of a gated storefront. Through the collage, which appears to be organized sequentially, you can see the hobo sifting through some ser…

  • What We've Got Is Gold

    This selection of photos from Romanian photographer Petra Herbert brings together portraits of strange Ed Hardy-clad dudes who wear tons of bling with inanimate treasures like bars of gold and trophies.

  • Nothing

    Danish-born photographer Asger Carlsen continues to perplex and titillate us with his elegant, yet grotesque images. This selection features confounding images like a bum whose head is part alley cat and a member of Snoop Lion's entourage who literally has his third eye open.

  • L'Union Fait La Farce

    Thomas Mailaender is Paris-based multimedia artist who started out doing documentation work. His past creations were focused on toying with the concept of typology and depicting "incidentally grotesque moments." This selection of images features weird food-related scenes such as

  • Fun People

    Photographer Lele Saveri hails from Rome, but now he lives and works between Milan and New York. In the following selection Lele photographs a big man on a little bike, a short order cook with a Bela Lugosi face-tattoo, and other incredibly strange folks.

  • Edward

    Photographer Nick Haymes is known for his pictoral documentation of the troubled life of "Paranoid Park" star Gabe Nevins, which was collected into the excellent photobook "Gabe" in 2012. In this selection, Nick follows an androgynous subject named Edward, who smokes from a gun,

  • Mauvais Appétit

    Melchior Tersen is a 23-year-old photographer living in Paris. In his own words, he describes his photographs as "strange or unhealthy." Tersen says he is often inspired by music and "esotericism." He has an impulsive process, saying his work has "no premeditation. Fuck the worl…

  • Pavor Nocturnus

    Olivia Bee's real name is Olivia Bolles. She shoots pretty trippy photographs and she also works in film.

  • Soho

    Anders Petersen was born in 1944 in Stockholm, Sweden. In 1966, he studied at Christer Strömholm's School of Photography in Stockholm. A year later, he began photographing the Café Lehmitz in Hamburg, which launched his photography career.

  • Purgatory

    Four exclusive photos from Hannah Whitaker's "The Use of Noise" series.

  • Binocular Disparity

    These photos hail from Simone Bergantini's "American Standard Remix" series. Simone created these images after buying a box of negatives from a junk store and overlapping two images of two different people to make a completely new picture.

  • Plastic Flowers

    I visited Mandarin Green Plastics Company to photograph their artificial flower factory in Huidong, China. So many of the goods we purchase today are manufactured in China, but we rarely give thought to how these products are made and who made them. These images are a personal an…

  • Asylum

    Roger Ballen has been shooting with black and white film for over 50 years and we can't thank him enough for continuing to create and break new ground in that medium. Unlike some photographers who are obsessed with trying to capture what they see with their own two eyes, Ballen s…

  • Desfila

    Parades are a constant occurrence in Jinotega. On Sunday mornings, like clockwork, firecrackers rocket outside. Drums, trumpets, and tubas echo in the distance and elaborate processions fill the streets, winding through the city. The stars are invariably children or teenagers, dr…

  • Michelle

    Michelle and Carmen met in Dortmund, Germany. Michelle was the model, Carmen the photographer. During portrait sessions, the photographer’s typical approach to taking pictures began to falter, and gradually the portraits turned into a fight for power.

  • Untitled

    Thobias Fäldt and Klara Källström are representatives of an emerging generation of European photographers. While much of their work exists within the traditional realm of fine art, they also explore photojournalism, editorial publishing, and commercial art. Tonight they will have…

  • Records

    It's unfair to expect a band to make the same album over and over again. But damn, the Red Album and the Blue Record were so fucking good, they could've rode that wave for a few more releases.

  • Waxy Chunks

    Elizabeth Renstrom works to create pseudo artifacts of the disposable culture that every millennial kid grew up with. Her creations are like the moment after you finished putting the last touches on your closet shrine, right before you plugged in the lava lamp.

  • Desert Dreams

    The ambitious growth of the United Arab Emirates has attracted expatriates from all across the globe. It is this influx of new cultures that is causing the identity of the Emirates to evolve. "Desert Dreams" focuses on the coexistence of these different cultures in the UAE.

  • Weirdos

    Photos by Synchrodogs

  • Family First

    Micheal Northrup has been documenting his life thourgh funny, chaotic snapshots since the early '70s.

  • Render Yourself Empty

    Tōhoku is one of the most remote, breathtakingly beautiful regions in Japan. After the devastating earthquake of March 11, 2011, and the tsunamis and nuclear meltdowns that followed, much of the area was destroyed or drastically changed forever.