• Employees of the Month

    Brayden has been in our regular stable of photographers for quite some time now, and he’s the one we’d most like to saddle up and ride like a donkey (in our world, that’s a good thing). He’s from Seattle, and despite spending the first 21 years of his life in the rain, he isn’t a…

  • Bob Odenkirk’s Page

    Most Neediest Forgotten Charities

    During the holiday season, America's charities are highlighted in the popular media and, hence, deluged with donations. But each year, regardless of the economy or collective good will, some of the neediest of the of the needier needy charities are overlooked.

  • Sewing for the Heart

    “Sewing for the Heart” is from Yoko Ogawa’s new collection, 'Revenge: Eleven Dark Tales,' and it’s as perversely tantalizing as anything she’s written. In the story, a cabaret singer with a heart that developed outside her body hires a reclusive bag maker to sew a satchel to prot…

  • Never Party with the Brick Squad

    I’ve been smoking blunts since I was 11 years old. And I grew up in the suburbs, so I’m no stranger to bongs, bowls, and weird white-people shit like vaporizers. But nothing prepared me for how high I was about to become after hitting Gucci’s burner.

  • Bulgaria’s Immigrant Bummer

    Bulgaria’s “special homes” are essentially prisons for immigrants. The official purpose of these centers is to detain illegal immigrants until they can be deported, but many long-term inmates are refugees seeking asylum who have gotten caught in the system.

  • Skinema

    Superman vs. Spider-Man: A Porn Parody

    The most successful major motion pictures in recent years have been superhero movies, and the most lucrative pornos over the past five years have been spoofs, so it’s no surprise that there have been a shit-ton of superhero spoofs lately.

  • I Was Tortured as a Bahraini Political Prisoner

    Bahraini journalist Ahmed Radhi was one of the 500 prisoners who were detained following the citizen uprising against Bahrain’s government that began in 2011. Ahmed told us about the supposed reasons for his detention and the poor conditions he faced while in prison.

  • Killing Up Close

    William Wold seemed fine when he came home from Iraq. Wold had begged his mother to sign a parental-approval form when he wanted to join the Marines at 17, taking extra online classes to graduate a year early in order to do so. But after four years of service, he had had enough.

  • Li'l Thinks


    Anything that is commonly understood as the province of teenage girls or their proxies is understood to be something dumb. A “selfie” is understood to be dumb, and it really is, but it’s also the ordering feature of the internet.

  • Combover

    What Means What Now?

    Did you know I was married? Of course you don’t. I didn’t tell you. I don’t really talk about her very often. To me, a wife is pretty much a backup plan. If I don’t get no shtuppin’ for a while, if my career falls apart, if I got no one else to turn to—you know, that kind of a ge…

  • A Poem Leads to a Life Sentence in Qatar

    The Arab Spring has faded from headlines, but that doesn't mean governments have ceased oppressing their people. Case in point: Mohammed al-Ajami was just sentenced to life in prison in Qatar after reading a poem aloud at his house to a group of friends and colleagues.

  • All Welcome the Bomb-Sniffing Mice Infestation

    An Israeli biologist named Eran Lumbroso wants to make mice the cutest little soldiers in the global war on terror, and if his efforts are successful they could result in mass layoffs of bomb-sniffing dogs.

  • Dream Catcherz

    Photos by Bijoux Altamirano and styling by Hayley Pisaturo.

  • Burning Man Vs. Superstorm Sandy

    Yes, a bunch of people who head out to the middle of a desert in Nevada every year to do a bunch of drugs, dress up like gay aliens, and light a bunch of shit on fire have formed what appears to be an extremely efficient charitable organization that helps people in ways more bure…

  • Your Dog Is Full of Dirty Diseases

    Recent research has shown that sharing an ice cream cone with your dog or letting your cat nap on your face isn’t just unhygienic, it could kill you, shit-for-brains, so cut it out.

  • In Search of Great Men

    Using 15-day Amtrak USA Rail Passes, I crossed our country to photograph my fellow passengers, asking them where they came from and where they were heading: an 18-year-old facing felony mescaline charges, a woman returning to Madison for her ex-boyfriend’s funeral, an exotic danc…

  • Make Sure You’re Alive to Collect

    It was Christmas of 1990 in my grandmother’s house. My Aunt Debra reached behind her and pulled a bullet from a box on a nearby bookshelf. She held it between her thumb and forefinger, looked at my mother, and said, “Janna, this has your name on it.”

  • Records

    When I first saw the video for “Celebration,” I was so pissed I wasn’t invited. I would’ve totally bumped asses with all of those people singing and dancing and drinking and smoking in the park who look like better-dressed and more tattooed versions of what was happening in Compt…

  • Living the American Dream in the West Bank

    Prospective settlers of Hashmonaim receive a handy FAQ sheet: “Is this area over the ‘Green Line?’ ” reads one question. “Geographically and tax-wise, yes,” the sheet explains. But because it’s guarded by armed men and the Israeli government sanctions the settlement, Hashmonaim d…

  • Part-Time Hunks

    "It started when I was a little kid. I used to dance in front of the mirror and my mother would play 45s. I used to make-believe I was Elvis by giving out scarves and kissing the mirror, pretending there were girls there. Who knew I would be putting on a jumpsuit, wig, and sideb…

  • The Iron Pipe of Swedish Neo-Fascism

    At first glance, the upswing of fascism and racism in Sweden appears surprising. Fascism seems totally out of place in an affluent country with a well-functioning welfare system. But in the past couple of decades, xenophobia has festered under the surface of prosperity.