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Mexican Narco Music Is the Soundtrack to the War on Drugs - Part 3

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  • Mexican Narco Music Is the Soundtrack to the War on Drugs

    Mexico's narcocorrido music genre and subculture openly celebrates the most extreme aspects of the country's drug war. The songs are filled with catchy, detailed narrations of beheadings, executions, coked-out nights, and a strangely consistent obsession with Buchanan's wh…

  • Mexican Muslims

    VICE Mexico traveled to Chiapas, Mexico, to meet Cheb Cheb Ibrahim, one of the first Mexican Indians to convert to Islam and a member of the only indigenous Muslim community in Mexico.

  • The Subway Gangs of Mexico City

    Local gangs known as combos made up of reggaeton fans in their late teens and early 20s haunt the subway stations of Mexico City. Most combos are guilty of general rowdiness and huffing chemicals in public, but they’re not as threatening as their media profile might suggest.

  • Oaxaca's Third Gender

    Every November a celebration known as the Vigil of the Authentic Intrepid Searchers of Danger takes place in the city of Juchitán, Oaxaca, in Mexico. In this community of Zapotec indigenous people, it's generally understood that there are men, there are women, and there are muxes…

  • Jaime Maussan and the Third Millennium

    Jaime Maussan is Mexico's leading ufologist. His TV show, 'Contact,' has run for decades, and he consistently packs auditoriums where he enlightens audiences with his knowledge of the cosmos and life on other planets. He has many detractors, of course, and he's no stranger to bei…

  • The Messenger Angels of Ciudad Juárez

    For the past three years, a group of teenagers calling themselves the Messenger Angels have been taking to the streets of Ciudad Juárez covered in silver paint and glitter, wearing thick white robes and huge feathered wings, and holding hand-painted signs that address the cops, t…

  • The Cumbiaton Super Stars of Mexico City

    A group of Mexico City DJs known as "Under Style" has come together to create a new sound based on reggaeton and cumbia that they call Cumbiaton. Ignored by the affluent crowd, and often criticized for the fashion and dance styles of their fans, the Cumbiaton DJs are super stars

  • New Jerusalem

    La Nueva Jerusalén is a millenarian and messianic town located in the western state of Michoacán, Mexico. Its residents are faithful to the Virgin of the Rosary and believe the end of the world is coming soon, and only they will be saved.