Brian Gibson: A Total Change in Lifestyle

To brew his distinctive earth-crunching, head-banging bass sounds for noise band Lightning Bolt, Brian Gibson constructs some of the most complex playing techniques and pedal arrangements known to rock. With his high level of distortion, playing style, and high register tuning – his bass guitar is set to standard cello tuning and includes a banjo string – Gibson is often mistaken for a guitarist. Gibson may not be a guitarist, but he plays one on TV. As one of the lead artists for Harmonix, the video game dynamo behind the million-selling games Guitar Hero and Rock Band, Gibson is using his ears, eyes and thumbs to help make anyone a rock star. First inspired by the art of gaming high school, Brian pursued animation in art school. After years of living in warehouses, Brian invites Motherboard over to his new house in Rhode Island, where he shares his philosophy on gaming — and a brand new abstract note-matching adventure. Gibson is watching his transition into the gaming world with awe. “This is a total change in lifestyle,” he says.