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Punk vs. Sharia

VICE spans the globe on an endless quest for good tunes, and the weird and sordid scenes that surround them.

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  • Punk vs. Sharia

    Tracking down the last punks of Aceh, Indonesia, who still live under constant threat from the Sharia police.

  • Metal Church

    Outside Bogotá, Colombia, the Communidad Pantokrator meets every Saturday to rock out in the name Jesus Christ. We spent an enthralling evening in Pantakrator's mosh pit of raw emotion and got a glimpse of how some cast off rockers have found resurrection in the crashing cymbals…

  • The Only Record Store in Mauritania

    While filming in Africa we passed through Nouakchott, Mauritania, and decided to stop in the country's only record store, Saphir D'or. Turns out, it rules! We chatted with Ahmede Valle, shop proprietor and seasoned DJ, about record collecting and the unifying powers of music.

  • The Huayno Murders

    Bad things are happening in Peru's biggest music scene.

  • Neomelodics

    Trefft Alessio, den Star dieses knalligen, stark-gebräunten Soundtracks zu Neapels von der Mafia beherrschten Ghettos.

  • Donk Uncut & Uncensored

    VICE travels to Bolton to meet Blackout Crew, the stars of working class Northern England's most popular music scene: Donk.

  • Donk Uncut & Uncensored - Trailer

    Together for the first time UNCUT and UNCENSORED, VBS presents Donk, an hilarious look at what happens when you drive a Blur fan up to Wigan and throw him a nightclub full of topless bodybuilders

  • Black Lips In Israel

    The Black Lips make their way through Israel.

  • Heavy Metal Gangs of Wadeye

    VBS travels into Australia's outback in search of the aboriginal youth gangs of Wadeye, all of which have taken their name, dress, and overall attitude from the 1980's and 90's golden age of heavy metal.

  • Heavy Metal Roadshow

    VBS correspondent Iano Dovi conducts a comprehensive survey of today's heavy metal scene in London, Stockholm, and Los Angeles.

  • Black Lips Video Premiere

    A new video from VICE Records' very own raucous pioneers of mushroom tea-steeped garage rock.

  • Black Lips in India

    Atlanta’s Black Lips embark on a missionary trip to the psychedelic motherland. But is India ready for flower punk? Or will the subcontinental authorities make them martyrs to the cause?

  • Donk

    We explore the North England Donk scene, the lowest common denominator of British dance music.

  • True Norwegian Black Metal

    An introduction to the Black Metal scene of Bergen, Norway.

  • Buchaman

    Buchaman is Uganda’s most popular crippled dancehall musician and shadow VP.”

  • Rock Under the Red Flag

    VBS recently tagged along with Brooklyn’s Birthday Boyz on an unprecedented tour into the hinterlands of China’s underground rock scene

  • Shanghai's Super Girl

    Shanghai’s Super Girl

  • Raving in the Black Sea

    VICE visits the Republic of Kazantip, an annual month-long rave/orgy on the southern coast of the Ukraine.

  • Vice Kills Jamaica - Partying with Einstein

    Einstein is the nicest dude in the world, he is also a bit of a hustler. We were a bit concerned that this party was a lot fucking bigger in dude’s head than it was going to be in reality. It turned out to be one of the best parties we’d ever been to, and everyo…

  • Vice Kills Jamaica - Ce' Cile's Dub Plate

    Jamie-James meets up with Ce’Cile and convince her to do a dub plate on an unreleased beat by Jammer.

  • Vice Kills Jamaica - Chico at King Jammy's

    VICE founder Shane Smith meets Chico outside King Jammy studios in the Waterhouse neighborhood of Kingston. Chico describes growing up in Kingston, the slow spread of dancehall culture around the world, and the Jamaican love for all things “hard.” ...

  • Vice Kills Jamaica - Vybz Kartel

    For all for the lily-white warnings about staying out of Kingston when we traveled to Jamaica, everyone we met there was super nice and light-years more helpful and friendly than your average New Yorker. The only time I was legitimately scared on our whole trip was meeting

  • Vice Kills Jamaica - Dancehall Princesses

    VBS meets Ce’Cile, Delishus, and Spice, the ladies of Dancehall.

  • Vice Kills Jamaica - Assassin's Video Shoot

    VBS correspondent Jamie Hodgson visits Assassin on the set of his new wild-western-Jamaican-gansters-themed video and attempts to blend in with the extras.

  • Dance Hall Queens

    Dance Hall Queens

  • New Orleans Bounce

    New Orleans Bounce

  • Ranferi and His Band of Boys

    Mexican telenovela legend Raferi Negrette's boy band sings, dances, cleans, cooks and tends to his every need.