Music Loves Art

Penguin Prison Meets Lucas Leyva

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VICE takes you to Spotify's Art Basel performance series that dynamically pairs visual artists with musicians who inspire them. The four nights of Spotify events at Ricochet Bar & Lounge focus on music discovery and the relationship between music and art.

  • Penguin Prison Meets Lucas Leyva

    In the third installment of VICE Meets Spotify: Music Loves Art, we meet up with disco underground favorite Chris Glover of Penguin Prison and celebrated filmmaker Lucas Leyva. The artists discuss their mutual passion for experimenting with digital mediums and how the emergence o…

  • Sharon Jones Meets Mickalene Thomas

    In the second installment of VICE Meets Spotify: Music Loves Art, we hang out with soul legend Sharon Jones and renowned visual artist Mickalene Thomas. The women chat about their different mediums, how they got their start, and their ideas on modern femininity. Watch as Mickalen…

  • Nas Meets Luis Gispert and Rashid Johnson

    In the first installment of "Music Loves Art" we meet with the legendary Nas and two of his biggest fans, art world stars Rashid Johnson and Luis Gispert. They talk about Nas' seminal record, Illmatic, their creative processes, and the curr…