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Chiraq - Part 8

Noisey is a video-driven music discovery platform, documenting the most talented emerging musicians from around the world.

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  • Chiraq

    In the first part of Noisey's 8-part documentary Chiraq, they head to Englewood, one of the most dangerous neighborhoods in the city of Chicago, to meet Chief Keef, arguably the biggest rapper in the drill scene.

  • The Pizza Underground's Music Video Shoot Was a Delicious Success

    The Pizza Underground, comprised of Matt Colbourn, Phoebe Kreutz, Deenah Vollmer, Austin Kilham, and Macaulay Culkin, are lounging in the living room area. They’re wearing all black, topped off with black shades, because, you know, they’re a pizza-themed version of the Velvet Und…

  • Guitar Moves - Leroy Troy

    In this episode of Guitar Moves, Matt Sweeney meets master of the clawhammer banjo Leroy Troy to learn how to cut some monkeyshines.

  • Guitar Moves - Cass McCombs

    In the tenth episode of Guitar Moves, Matt Sweeney meets singer-songwriter Cass McCombs, who simply can't discount the value of his two thumbs.

  • Guitar Moves - Albert Hammond, Jr.

    Matt Sweeney meets Albert Hammond, Jr. of the Strokes and discusses 90s-style riffs, influences, and impressing your mom.

  • Guitar Moves - St. Vincent

    In episode eight of Guitar Moves, host Matt Sweeney sits down with Annie Clark a.k.a. St. Vincent.

  • Guitar Moves - Jake Bugg

    UK singer-songwriter Jake Bugg is only 19 years old, but he's already carved a spot for himself in the contemporary Brit-pop landscape. This is due in no small part to his virtuosic guitar playing, so we trekked over to Amsterdam to discuss "Flamengo"-style guitar, DADGAD tuning,…

  • Noisey Raps - Trinidad James, the Underachievers, Fredo Santana, and Lil' Reese

    In episode 4 of Noisey Raps host Wilbert L. Cooper meets some of the hottest MCs on the scene including Trinidad James, the Underachievers, Lil' Reese, and Fredo Santana. Just try and keep up.

  • Guitar Moves - Dean Ween

    We recently drove out to New Hope, Pennsylvania to hang out with Dean Ween (né Michael Melchiondo, Jr), who co-founded avant-stoner royalty act Ween back in 1984. Matt Sweeney set up shop in Dean's sweltering shed to learn some timeless lessons about the guitar.

  • Guitar Moves - Cowboy Jack Clement

    In the fifth episode of Guitar Moves, we meet the legendary Cowboy Jack Clement, one of the greatest country western and rock and roll songwriters and producers of the 20th century. "Cowboy" Jack Clement has been one of the most significant figures in country music for the past 5…

  • Guitar Moves - Dan Auerbach

    In the fourth episode of Guitar Moves, we sit down with blues rock god Dan Auerbach of the Black Keys and learn the secrets of slide guitar.

  • Heavy Dicks - Wino: Veteran of Chaos

    Called the godfather of Doom Metal, 30-year hard-rock veteran Scott Weinrich, better known as Wino, discusses album concepts and plays harmonica with our prepubescent metalhead correspondent (and aspiring archeologist) Adrian.

  • Guitar Moves - Josh Homme

    In the third episode of Guitar Moves, we sat down with Queens of the Stone Age's Josh Homme in a sweltering Los Angeles garage to talk polka guitar and make fun of solos.

  • Guitar Moves - Blake Mills

    Known in some circles as the best guitarist on the planet, Malibu native Blake Mills was already making waves at the tender age of 19. Since then, he's collaborated with some of the biggest names in indie rock, including Julian Casablancas, Jenny Lewis, Conor Oberst, Lana Del Rey…

  • Guitar Moves - The Stooges' James Williamson

    On the first episode of Guitar Moves, Matt Sweeney heads to Berkeley, CA to meet the Stooges' James Williamson. He learns about the history of the Stooges, the "Nashville Tuning," and how to achieve the bone-crushing guitar tone on "Search & Destroy."

  • Heavy Dicks - Drinking Cough Syrup with Weedeater

    This video is the first episode of our new metal show, Heavy Dicks. In it, our valiant hosts Fred Pessaro and Jake Boyle join Weedeater's Dixie Dave to sample a well-curated selection of fine cough syrups and artisanal cheeses.

  • Parquet Courts - "Light Up Gold Road Trip" (Documentary)

    Former Motherboard editor Sean Yeaton used to walk around the VICE offices carrying a Bunsen burner and saying stuff like, "Drones are the future!" Then his band, Parquet Courts, took off and he was like, "Working at a computer all day is the pits! I'm going on tour." Here's a do…

  • Bot'Ox Featuring Anna Jean - "The Face of Another"

    Here's an animated ditty with people wearing masks and humping each other and walking around all dazed and sad. Imagine if the audience at 'Sleep No More' started making out and then boning all over the place—that's sort of what's going on here.

  • Style Stage: A Documentary About Hair, Style, and Music

    Little Richard's pompadour, Michael Jackson's Jheri curl, whatever is happening on top of Diamond Rings—bands' and fans' personal styles have pushed music and culture forward in a major way. This documentary shines a light on the past and present of music, hair, and style.

  • Snoop Lion Ft. Angela Hunte - "Here Comes the King"

    We shot this video in the Trident Castle in Port Antonio, Jamaica. VICE co-founder Suroosh Alvi took us there over New Year's to get the 'Reincarnated' teams of VICE and Snoop's management company, Stampede, together over the festive period. It was the best time ever.

  • Noisey Raps - The Long Live A$AP Tour

    For the first episode of 'Noisey Raps,' host Wilbert L. Cooper got unreal access to the LONGLIVEA$AP Tour, featuring performances by A$AP Rocky, Schoolboy Q, and Danny Brown, and interviews with DJ A-Trak, Action Bronson, the Flatbush Zombies, and the Underachievers.

  • Black Lips Tour the Middle East

    Black Lips just finished a trailblazing tour of the Middle East that included shows in Lebanon, Egypt, United Arab Emirates, and Cyprus. Noisey sent a camera crew to document the band's international journey of rock diplomacy. Here's what they came back with.

  • The People Vs. Action Bronson

    More gorgeous than Rick Ross and apparently an extremely good gymnast, Action Bronson responds to the comments left under his music video for "The Symbol" on YouTube.

  • A Christmas Message from Big Boi - The Grinch

    Big Boi aka Daddy Fat Sax aka Sir Lucious Left Foot aka one half of the mighty OutKast stopped by the VICE office to entertain all the good little girls and boys with Dr. Seuss's Christmas classic, 'How the Grinch Stole Christmas.'

  • Danny Brown and Andrew WK's Guide to VICE Parties

    VICE UK threw a party to celebrate their 10th birthday last night and it looks like things got a wee bit out of control. Andrew WK and Danny Brown were there and they recorded their very own guide to VICE Parties. We suggest that you spend the next ten years studying their ingeni…

  • Turbonegro - "I Got a Knife" Music Video Premiere

    VICE's own Andy Capper got all stabby with the Norwegian deathpunk psychos, Turbonegro, for the music video of their new single "I Got a Knife." Andy directed the video on the Lower East Side and had lead singer Tony Sylvester wear makeup for the occasion.

  • Music Video Premiere: Leo Justi - "O Homen Mau (Sniper Queen)"

    Patrolling the rooftops of Rio de Janeiro, Sniper Queen wears his unmistakable fur coat and shiny wrestling tights, portraying himself as a superhero with a sniper rifle.

  • Zombie Toddlers Own the Streets in HEALTH's New Short Film

    HEALTH has teamed with directors David Altobelli and Jeff Desom to produce a short film structured around "Tears," a cut off the soundtrack for 'Max Payne 3.' Just in time for Halloween (and Hurricane Sandy, for that matter), the video is set in a post-apocalyptic urban landscape…

  • Die Antwoord - "Fatty Boom Boom"

    "Fatty Boom Boom" is a bright and colorful African adventure, complete with wild animals, zef savages singing and dancing in the streets, and a special guest appearance by a sneaky little prawn star.

  • One Man Metal

    We interviewed three enigmatic solo artists—Leviathan, Striborg, and Xasthur—who produce black metal on the margins of society. These are men who don’t just play the music, but also embody what it reflects: isolation, misanthropy, and anger.