This British four-piece has blown the cobwebs off the UK rock scene with high-octane shows that trade in crunchy, dinosaur-shaped riffs, the death-or-glory spirit of DFA1979, and the pantomime stage antics of 80s metal. They’re suburban, angry, and loud, with a work ethic akin to anyone who's ever yearned to escape the small(er) town life. This Bristol-based band has built up support at the grassroots, creating a killer live show through years of constant touring and high profile supports--they opened for Korn on their 2010 European stadium tour and killed it at Sonisphere and SXSW earlier this year.

Yet the band's early days saw them pushing a more traditional sound. "It was brilliant fun," says guitarist Andy G, "but then one day we had this revelation that we'd never be better than Mötorhead, so what was the point?" They went back to the drawing board realizing that their influences ranged beyond just rock ‘n’ roll. They picked up a second-hand keyboard and a new dimension was added to their sound.

"We've got a strong compulsion to create something new, exciting, and heavy," says wiry and hirsute frontman Chris G, likening their sound to "a thousand beasts tearing open our own souls and examining the contents." Chris isn't shy to name-check their influences either: "I'm a big White Zombie fan. I saw them in 1995. It was the first proper big gig that blew me away and made me want to do that."

Fun pastiche is a large part of their appeal, from the faux-VHS video of “A Rose for the Crows” to Chris's 70s moustache and hair. They're updating hard rock in a darker way like some of their contemporaries--I'm thinking here of bands like Leeds’ Pulled Apart by Horses or Glasgow’s Dananananaykroyd. It's a noise that sees snarling wig-outs accompanied by athletic showmanship, and it’s gaining a growing, diverse audience. At a Turbowolf show you'll find all ages and tribes, from the hardest aging metalhead to the feyest indie tween. Their long-awaited debut album dropped in November and finally gives their legions of fans something to chew on between shows.

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