Parquet Courts - "Light Up Gold Road Trip" (Documentary)

Former Motherboard editor Sean Yeaton used to be Mr. Science. He'd walk around the VICE offices carrying a Bunsen burner and saying stuff like, "Drones! Chemistry! Saturn's rings!" No one knew what he was talking about, but that's true of most scientific geniuses. Then his band, Parquet Courts, took off and he was all like, "Working at a computer is the pits! I'm going on tour." We tagged along to document midnight desert peyote sessions and foreign language festival love.

Here's a statement from director Andy Capper: 

"When Sean Yeaton quit his job to leave behind the safety of his desk for the wild life of a performing minstrel, I decided to get a camera and follow him on the first three weeks of his new life. 
We went from Mexico to Texas and London in a very short period of time. I love Sean and his band—Austin, Andrew, and Max—and I hope that this is reflected in this short film that we made together."
If you like Sean's bass playing, you'll love his tech writing.
Directed by Andy Capper
Andy Capper
Niall Kenny
Parquet Courts
Jorge Duran
Trevor Silmser
Executive Producers
Shane Smith
Suroosh Alvi
Eddy Moretti
Andrew Creighton