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      A New Episode of Our TV Show Is Airing Tonight

      By VICE Staff

      May 17, 2013

      Here at the VICE HQ we have a gigantic hourglass that we reset each week to count down the days until the next week's HBO show. It takes ten interns all heaving at once to flip it, and the chances of one of them getting pinned underneath or losing a limb is real high. It adds a good deal of suspense to the buildup, though, and according to our in-house risk-assessment team, it's totally worth it. That is all to say that the hourglass is nearing its final grain of sand, meaning a new episode of VICE on HBO is nigh. Here is what to expect from tonight's episode, airing at 11:00 PM.


      Indonesians like tobacco a whole lot. So much, in fact, that 67 million of them smoke it. There are no restrictions on advertising in the country, meaning ads targeted at young people abound, and kids often start smoking when they are as young as six years old. To top it off, some Indonesians actually think smoking is good for you and believe it cures all sorts of bad diseases, including cancer. We sent Thomas Morton over there to cut through the smoke and find out what's really happening. Months later, he's still coughing up weird yellow stuff.

      Underground Heroin Clinic

      It's something of a universally acknowledged truth that a heroin addiction is one of the hardest habits to kick. In the US, we offer replacement drugs like methadone, but unfortunately those drugs are also highly addictive. There are other schools of thought that believe in a different approach, but the drugs they use are often illegal in America, meaning users who want to get clean with their methods have to leave the country. Ibogaine is a drug used to treat addiction in many parts of the world but is labeled a Schedule I narcotic in the US. It is rumored to cure physical dependency on opiates without the terrible side effects of withdrawal and is often used in tandem with a voodoo-like ritual. VICE co-founder Shane Smith traveled to Mexico with an underground heroin clinic based in Harlem to see how well this unconventional addiction cure really works.

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