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      A Sex Trade Show... On Acid! A Sex Trade Show... On Acid!

      A Sex Trade Show... On Acid!

      By VICE Germany

      November 6, 2012

      Sascha saw a dragon plugging a piglet's mouth with a turnip.

      It's really fun to give someone acid and then make them host a video, and it looks like our colleagues at VICE Germany have picked up on this. They recently gave their buddy Sascha a tab of LSD and sent him to Venus 2012, an erotic trade show in Berlin. It must have been gnarly to trip around all those floppy Ps, Vs, and Bs (that means butts). Here's the footage he came back with.

      We've also filmed ...On Acid! episodes at the Westminster Dog Show and an open mic night.

      Topics: porn, sex, Pussy, Vagina, butts, penises, Germany, venus, ...On Acid!, drugs, tripping while erect


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