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      Action Bronson's Last Supper

      By Michael Marsicano

      January 6, 2014
      From the column 'Comics'

      I've been an Action Bronson fanatic since 2011, but what really sent me over the edge was watching VICE Eats with Action at Marea. I've seen it so many times that I had to capture the experience in ink. (Marea, by the way, is easily one of the most insane dining experiences that I've ever had in my lifetime.)

      Here's my own vision of Action's last supper inspired by his time at Marea. No last meal is complete without the presence of 12 disciples, so it's only fitting that Mr. Baklava's would include the famous wrestlers he's given well-deserved shout-outs to throughout his career. I couldn't forget musician Phil Collins, Action's daily breakfast companion, even though he shows up in the form of an 8x10 photograph that hangs out next to Bronson's cereal bowl for good luck. 

      Illustration by Michael Marsicano

      Click to englarge for a guide to Action's fictional disciples/dining companions.

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