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      Akon's Wikipedia Page Is Amazing Akon's Wikipedia Page Is Amazing

      Akon's Wikipedia Page Is Amazing

      By Noisey Staff

      March 4, 2013

      If you didn’t already know, Akon is a Senegalese American hip-hop artist, songwriter, producer, and businessman. Earlier today, while stumbling out of my Facebook vs. Twitter online consumption continuum, I found myself on his Wikipedia page. And, though I don’t know everything about every single recording artist in the world, I feel confident in saying that he has had the most ludicrous career of any R&B artist. Ever.

      Since this is the internet and people no longer want to read anything that isn't comprehensively organized, I’ve compiled a list of his career highlights.


      Back in the day, polyphonic ringtones were big in the telecommunications game. If you didn’t have something like Bone Thugz N Harmony bumping from behind your customized fascia, then you were dead to the world. Akon is the Tony Montana of ringtones, and he should be proud. I mean, a Grammy award is nothing more than a piece of scrap metal shitted out by record execs when your track frequents more Nokia 3410s than the crazy frog, right?

      Read the rest of the list on Noisey.

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