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      Babe Watch 2012: The Museums Are Infested

      June 26, 2012

      When Xavier Aaronson, the guy who asked museum guards their opinions on the art they stare at all day, asked me to spin together a blurb about his blog, Babes at the Museum, I had no idea what he was talking about. Even though we were chatting online, there's this subtle European twang to the way he groups words together to form a sentence that makes it hard to believe he's a real human being. He was like, "got a proposition for you, let me know if you're keen or not." And I was thinking he was going to invite me to travel with him back in time to be in the music video for "1979" by the Pumpkins or something. So when he had a legitimate solicitation it gave my brain that feeling you get when you go to pick up a can of soda thinking it's full but it's empty.

      It makes sense, then, that a warlock like Xavier, who could make a mother smile at her only son's funeral; who could do for Hitler what the Ghost of Christmas Past did for Ebenezer Scrooge, would expertly weave an uncanny simulacrum of every learned gentleman's clever imagination with his inimitable website. I could sit here and physically type out what it "is" but I'm going to give you a little credit and guess you can figure it out from the title. They do have t-shirts though. That's chill.


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