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      By Ellis Jones


      May 31, 2011
      From the column 'The Cute Show Page!'


      Photo by Richard Austin

      A badger cub is just like an annoying little brother who’s constantly getting into trouble, usually while covered head to toe in bits of food and dirt. You can’t help but love them, even if they smell a little like poop. These short-legged omnivores are members of the weasel family, and the cubs are boisterous, curious, and funny little critters. We quickly became smitten with these furry little fun balls after spending the day at Secret World Badger & Wildlife Rescue Center in Somerset, England. They have a very busy and desirable daily routine that consists of hide-and-seek, looking like smart-asses, climbing on one another, lots of napping, and eating copious amounts of food in the messiest fashion possible (which typically means rolling around in their meals and results in incredibly sticky and unbelievably endearing scenarios). We wish we could drop out of life and spend the rest of our days playing with these adorable critters, getting into all kinds of cuddly tomfoolery.

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