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      Bonus: Jake Phelps Bonus: Jake Phelps

      Bonus: Jake Phelps

      April 5, 2012

      Jake Phelps reminds me of the editor of the Daily Planet in Spider-Man. He just sits there and yells at people all day: "O'Dell! I needed a cover! You call this a hammer!?" Sometimes he'd call me going, "You're sleeping at noon!? You better've been out all night with Jason Dill and the generators!" (Which would be great name for a band, btw.) I don't think I've ever seen Phelps sitting at the computer answering e-mail or checking spelling--he doesn't mess with any of that shit. In fact, he doesn't even have e-mail and his cell phone doesn't have voicemail. One time I told him I wasn't able to leave him a message and he was like, "I don't play that shit."

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