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      BREAKING NEWS: Members of a Christian Group Are Being Assholes

      By Jamie Lee Curtis Taete

      West Coast Editor

      June 25, 2013

      A Christian group in Texas has begun taking photos of people's cars as they patronize "sinful businesses" and posting them online. 

      In a "news alert" posted to their Facebook page, Texas Christian group Repent Amarillo announced they would be photographing vehicles that patronize strip clubs, porn shops, and gay bars, and then posting the images to their page. "Think of it as God's public sex offender list," the post reads, adding, "so, if you want to know if your friends, husbands, boyfriends, co-workers, or family members are visiting these places then STAY TUNED!"

      They're calling it the "Ephesians 5:11 Project" after a Bible passage which reads, "Have nothing to do with the fruitless deeds of darkness, but rather expose them." 

      It's the brainchild of Pastor David Grisham, who you may remember as the guy who tried (and failed) to burn a Qur'an a couple of years ago, leading to the creation of the "Dude, You Have No Quran" song. 

      According to Pastor David, he's not just doing this to troll negative reactions out of people for attention (despite this being a very clear attempt to troll negative reactions out of people for attention), and is actually just trying to do God's work: "Amarillo is a very Christian place. You get a lot of people who say they're Christian, but they don't live a Christian life—they're basically hypocrites. We want people to understand what they think they do in the dark, is not in the dark. God sees everything."

      In fact, it was God who gave him the idea to expose people in the first place: "I base what I do on what the Lord tells me to do. Sometimes the Lord tells us to do something to get attention." Which, I guess, makes God kind of a dick. 

      David has previously been accused of calling the employers of people who frequent a local swingers club in an attempt to get them fired. David denies this accusation, and claims he only called a swinger's employer one time, because he was concerned that the employee might be about to drive while drunk. 

      He has also been accused of starting a Facebook group to post the personal information of local swingers. Which, again, David denies, saying that the group was actually started by another member of his organization, who has since been dismissed. 

      (Via Reddit)


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