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      Buy Some New Shit at Ale et Ange's Closing Out Sale

      By VICE Staff

      October 5, 2012

      Photo by Conor Lamb

      We know it's hard staying fresh in the Big Apple. Every piece of gear you want to cop requires Romney-money, and you're a pauper living off slave-wages in the most expensive city in the US. You owe the government $196,582 for the student loans you took out to study Medieval Puppetry. You've got a greedy coke-head girlfriend burning holes in your pockets, because she's got a nose that could sniff Peru. And you're paying a stack a month to live on a cot in a walk-in closet, just because it shares the same zip code as the VICE Brooklyn offices.

      Well, we have some good news for you, chum. The dope men's fashion boutique Ale et Ange is having a big closing out sale starting tomorrow at their Lower East Side location. The bad news is that even on sale, you still probably can't afford their expensive-ass but very nice clothes. But whatever, fuck it. If you really want something, you can always sell your blood, sperm, and/or soul to cover the shortfall.

      If you don't know about the expert tailoring and super idosyncratic designs of Ale et Ange, check out the feature we wrote on the brand earlier this year, before you hit up the sale.

      Ale et Ange Closing Out Sale
      Saturday, October 6
      Ale et Ange
      40 Rivington St.
      New York, NY 10002

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