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      CMJ Bullshit - Pendu Sound Recordings Showcase

      By Kelly McClure


      October 19, 2012

      Oh hey, here we are again, huh? Talking about music or whatever. I missed day two of CMJ because I concentrated more on having casual breakfast/dinner/drinks with INDUSTRY friends who are in from out of town than on watching bands. I actually can't collect my thoughts enough right now to try and figure out what day of CMJ we're currently in, but it's for sure still happening. Let's just call it day green. I for sure went to a show last night, and I'm gonna tell you all about it right now. As I write this, my co-workers behind me are talking about girls being "fit" and having a "firm butt."

      Pendu Sound Recordings is a very special label that releases the perfect delicate mix of music that makes you want to dance and kill yourself at the same time. They also release Sasha Grey's band's stuff, which is something I think about from time to time. Pendu's showcase at St. Vitus in Brooklyn last night had the following line-up:

      We missed the opening band, YOU. because we were all very busy smoking cigarettes in the street, finger touching, and taking pictures of each others auras, but I'm certain that they were awesome. Here's a video that we can watch together and pretend that we had seen them perform live:

      After YOU. a band called Tempers played and we made sure to get right up in front, and creepy mom dance the shit out of their entire set. I suspect that all the cool kids behind us in their matching black leather jackets and DJ bags filled with lesbian dance party fliers wanted to spit on the backs of our necks, but none of them did. Sometimes I'd rather dance and enjoy myself than just stand there. You can just stand there at any old time. I'm standing somewhere right now. No I'm not, I'm sitting. Seriously though DJ Smoke Machine, move your ass. We're all gonna be dead soon.

      Following Tempers, a band called Von Haze played. I literally don't remember one thing about their set, but that's my fault, not theirs. 

      Black Marble came up next and, if I could have gotten away with it, I would have sat on the stage. I felt like I couldn't get close enough to this amazing band that I've been obsessed with for roughly two months. Maybe you saw that we premiered their new video recently? At a few points during their set, I found myself lovingly placing my hand on the speaker next to me, like I was three seconds away from removing a pot of Vicks Vapor Rub out of my bag and smelling it for 12 hours. That was a drug reference. I reviewed their album in our last issue and included a Harold and Maude reference. That's real. My idea of heaven would be standing in the middle of the woods, on a fall afternoon at around 4pm, with a huge fire burning somewhere in the near distance, an attractive naked butt just sort of laying there on a bed of soft (not possible) pine needles, while Black Marble played on a neverending loop. One of the first things I thought about this morning was how I for sure put my face right in front of Chris from Black Marble's face after they were done playing, and rambled off a monologue of awkward nonsense. Maybe he won't remember. Or I could just say that wasn't me.

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