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      I Tried to Create Some Tumblr Rap Memes

      April 3, 2012

      This weekend, I was linked to the David Cam'ron tumblr page on no less than seven occasions. A link frequency I haven't seen since #Kony. For those of you that are somehow, despite the name of the tumblr and the image above, unable to work it out, the blog is images of David Cameron and the rapper Cam'ron, spliced together using an image editing program that the kids on the street are calling "Photoshop."

      As someone who generally works quite hard on the content I create, I was pleasantly surprised by the ease with which "a hit" can be created. So I decided to have a shot at creating my own rapper-and-someone-who-is-not-a-rapper memes. If one of these hasn't been made into a book to be sold at Urban Outfitters by Christmas, I'm going to be VERY upset.

      Andre (The Seal) 3000


      Lisa "Left Eye" Kudrow

      LL Cool JJ72

      Missy Elliot (the kid from ET)

      50 Centator John McCain

      And here's some other stuff that I thought of that I'm too lazy to make:

      Eve (like biblical Eve, but also like the rapper Eve)

      Iggy Azealia Banks

      Ice Cuba Gooding Jr

      Project Pat Butcher

      Colin Pharrell

      Cam'Ron Diaz

      Steve Tyler, The Creator

      ASAP Rocky Balboa

      Snoop Dogg the Bounty Hunter

      Fat Joe Pesci

      The Green Eminem (like the candy)

      Dr. Meredith Dre (from Grey's Anatomy)

      Machine Gun Kelly Rowland

      Lil Wayne Rooney

      HRH Queen Latifah II

      Lil Chris Brown

      LudaChris Cornell

      So there you go. Feel free to help these viruses spread. It's time for me to join the millionaire meme club.


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