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      Come See a Band Play in a Soundproof Box on Tuesday Night

      By VICE Staff

      September 3, 2013

      Tonight, like right now, Superchief Gallery is hosting Purchasing Issues, a collaborative photo and punk show with a dollop of performance art featuring works from four emerging photographers, one hardcore punk band, and one interdisciplinary artist.

      When we first caught wind of the show, which features the band Sick Feeling playing one song for groups of five people enclosed in a soundproof box, we were excited, but also very confused. You see, it's not as cut and dry as "get in this box and let this band melt your face." There's also some business with Kamau Amu Patton, known by his stage name Tell, who will be synchronizing noise and lighting with 16 photos (four from each photographer) in another room. Or something.

      In an effort to get this straight we called up the show's curators, Jesse Miller Gordon and Don Devore, and here's what they had to say:

      "Purchasing Issues is a highly edited group show that finds its focus in its experiential aspects. Born out of frustration and love for subcultures that both raised generations and ruined them at the same time, this is how we are expressing ourselves. Four photographers will present four photos each in a main room whose lighting is triggered by a private performance taking place in a soundproof box adjacent to the main space. Groups of five will be allowed in to view one song at a time, and Sick Feeling will be a resident silent-artist. Kamau Patton will create a dialogic construct by manipulating a noise and light jukebox that interacts with the photos on display. The collaborative effort will provide new context for all the mediums being displayed."

      If you're still confused, stop by tonight and see it for yourself.

      Purchasing Issues
      Tonight at Superchief Gallery
      9 Clinton Street
      New York, NY 10002
      7 to 10 PM

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