Conor Lamb's NYFW Photo Blog

On the Street at New York Fashion Week

By Conor Lamb

During NYFW, the best looks come from kids on the street. Without them there wouldn't be anyone to perpetuate the delusion that fashion actually has any inherent value. In between shows, amidst the snobby bullshit, Conor photographed some of those people off the runway who piqued his interest. 

Conor Lamb is a freelance photographer who hails from the Midwest where he studied lighting and photography. He's exhausted from all the shitty parties he used to document when night-life photography was still a thing. He has a penchant for shooting hip-hop artists, and he's covered fashion stuff for us in the past. He has a Joy Division tattoo and, according to a very good source, he and his girlfriend like to dress up as juggalos. His work can be found here.

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