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      The New King of Spain’s Coronation Was a Washout

      June 20, 2014

      Spain got a new king yesterday. His name is Felipe VI, and he has a hot wife—just like Prince William, only William is still a prince, so I guess Felipe wins. Anyway, loads of people took to the streets of Madrid on Thursday to celebrate that, including photographer Felipe Hernández, who sent us these photos and words:
      The truth is that when Real Madrid or Atlético win, there's way more people on the street. Other than that, the center of the city smelled like horseshit, and everywhere you turned you saw police. But they looked pretty bored (there really weren't that many people on the street), and most of them spent the time playing with their mobile phones.

      I did, however, overhear a few weird conversations: "Madrid looks so beautiful with all these flags around. We should keep them around forever," said a 20-year-old in a polo shirt and loafers, holding a little Spanish flag that carried the logo of the Spanish version of Hello magazine. "This did not happen in Franco's time—people had enough respect to show up back then," said an old man at the Plaza de Oriente.

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