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      Dave Seoane

      February 1, 2010

      Dave Seoane takes us for a tour of his basement live/work space in Portland, OR. His home office is the world headquarters for renowned Nemo Design. We talk about the good old days of the early Tahoe scene and his transition from snowboarder to filmmaker. Dave’s turn behind the camera is well known among snowboarders: his oeuvre includes some of the most creative snowboarding movies ever made like Roadkill, Subjekt: Haakonsen, and The White Album.

      From filmmaker Pierre Wikberg: "When I saw Subjekt: Haakonsen for the first time a new world opened up. I guess the film was quite different from other videos at the time as far as intro, parts, etc. were concerned. A lot of it was filmed in Riksgränsen, which was my neck of the woods. Dave Seoane, Terje Haakonsen, and company made that place look like the best place on Earth: creative jumps, lines and some very fun, organic, uncontrived riding. Just thinking about that movie makes me want to go ride. Where is that damn VHS tape?"

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