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      Delicious with Mish Episode Eight: Featuring Pangea

      November 29, 2012

      Welcome to another episode of Delicious with Mish. This week I come to you live from All My Friends festival in Tijuana, Mexico where I sit down with the Los Angeles-based band Pangea. The men of Pangea just released a new EP Killer Dreams (Ghostbot/Lauren Records) to follow-up their debut Living Dummy (Burger Records). Pangea make bubble gum punk, you know, romantic songs about being too drunk to cum and inspiring rivers. They are an infectious band, not just because they are funny guys who open up easily, but because their brand of singalong garage-rock makes you feel stupidly good.

      I sat down with William (guitar/vocals), Danny (bass), Cory (guitar) and Eric (drums) to talk about nihilism, their unpleasant childhood memories of naked adult penises, the first time they had sex, and their shitty first-time jobs on Hamburger Hill. In short, we played Girl Talk and I’m pretty sure Cory walked away when Danny requested that horrible new Offspring song. Oh, and cue the cameo virginity stories from my favorite Garage Radio personalities Yasi Salek and Sarah Nataf. Spoiler Alert: Juggalo sex is involved in this episode.

      Thanks to Pangea for being on the show!
      Photo by Suzanna Zak


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