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      Delicious with Mish Episode Nine: Featuring the High Drops

      December 14, 2012

      I have a funny history with the band The High Drops. I first heard of them about a year ago when I was assigned a story about the newly formed band. I listened to their tape and really liked it, but when they answered the interview questions I gave them with snarky, bullshit answers, I decided to fuck them like they fucked me and wrote a mean story. I’m a bitch like that. Don’t cross me when I’m bleeding. My editors did not go for it and made me re-do the story, but this time, I interviewed the only female in the band, the drummer. She turned me. From then on, I was a big supporter of the band because even if they are little shits, they make great garage rock.

      The High Drops recently released a split 7-inch and are working on their debut LP. After the localized success of their first EP, they have gone through a string of bass players, but have settled on a cute, 22-year old named Liam. I sat down with Mitch (guitars), Alexis (vocals/guitars) and Liam (bass) (their drummer Jen was stuck cutting someone’s hair and could not join us) to talk about band drama, love, dream records, blow jobs and our disgruntled beginnings. Spoiler Alert: Alexis truth bombs me pretty hard within the first two minutes of this podcast.

      Track List:

      The High Drops - “Part of the Brigade”

      Bummer High - “Don’t Let It Happen To You”

      Dean & Britta - “Let’s Ride”

      Eating Out - “Burn”

      The High Drops - “Dying on the Vine” 

      Thanks to the High Drops for being on the show!



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