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      Delicious with Mish Episode Seven: Featuring Myths

      November 9, 2012

      This week I am joined by the lovely ladies, Lief Hall and Quinne Rodgers, from the demonic electronic duo Myths. Myths just came home from a tour with Grimes called “The Mythical Gymnastics Tour” where they were performing as their own band as well as Grimes’ backing band. Lief and Quinne have been gaining attention for their latest EP Deadlights (One Big Silence Records) as well as their intense live performances which strategically fuck with color, space and sound like a crystal ball smashing over your head. And I say crystal ball because there tends to be glitter. Myths really, really like glitter. 

      Not only are Lief and Quinne talented musicians and visual artists, but they are easy going chatters, so we had plenty to talk about including the importance of tweezing your eyebrows, the power of screaming and how Myths ended up playing Donatella Versace’s private party and getting dolled up in the designer’s clothes and jewels like “Miami Sluts”. 

      Track List:

      Myths - Deadlights (The Floating Version)

      Melt Banana - We Will Rock You

      Crass - Systematic Death

      Kukl - Holland (Latent)

      Myths - Prism Portraits 

      Check out their music video for “Prism Portraits.” 



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