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      Delicious with Mish Episode Thirteen: Featuring Carson Cox of Merchandise

      January 30, 2013

      People in Florida are weird. I learned this a long time ago, but Carson Cox, the frontman of Merchandise, solidified this when I interviewed him for this podcast and he told me he thought Canadian people are always naked. Dream on. It’s freezing here.

      I really shouldn’t have to explain Merchandise to you, since they are in golden band territory right now with every publication from NME, to Pitchfork, to any other swank critic rag music fans blindly follow writing them up. But Merchandise deserve the positive praise because they are a great band and Carson Cox might, might be my favorite singer who is still young and breathing. It was hard for me to admit this, considering when I first watched them play two years ago, I thought differently. (I have since publicly apologized for being so horribly wrong. We’re cool now.)

      Carson was at his sister’s house in Tampa Bay when we decided to talk. He’s an interesting guy and a very talented producer and musician. As his bandmate fixed up their tour van (and Carson showed me all of his sister’s animals), we talked about romantic conversations with the sun, his past of washing dishes at Olive Garden, the time he sold oriental rugs, why pot sucks, and Merchandise’s new drummer, Elsner Nino.

      Carson goes on tour tomorrow with his other band, Church Whip


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