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      Drug-Related Photoshop Art Drug-Related Photoshop Art

      Drug-Related Photoshop Art

      July 25, 2011

      A sea turtle swimming aimlessly—"truly aimlessly," it's thinking—minutes after ingesting 220+ Tramadol* in an earnest, premeditated, ultimately successful effort to kill itself.

      *years ago, in early 2005, this sea turtle began to accumulate Tramadol (mostly from a friend that was constantly getting dental surgery, no doubt being exploited by its dentist), thinking it might be funny, or something—that it might be the kind of extremely sad-funny thing to focus on, in a half-joking manner, to make life endurable or at least more interesting—to have the ability, at any moment, to die from the same unlikely, belittling, "restless leg syndrome"-treating drug that killed Ol' Dirty Bastard

      TAO LIN




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