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      Electric Independence - JD Samson Electric Independence - JD Samson

      Electric Independence - JD Samson

      February 15, 2011

      Most people who know JD Samson know her as the awesome, pubestachio’d beat-maker for the once-sorely-missed and now-thrillingly- reunited Le Tigre. A select few are also fans of her recent electro project, MEN; a selecter few remember her collaboration with Brendan Fowler, New England Roses, and the befuddling, barcode-ridden cover of their one album; and a selectest few of all have had their lives touched by her work in Dykes Can Dance, a charitable volunteer group dedicated to sharing the gift of ass-moving with the unfortunates of New York’s dance-impoverished lesbian scene. While some may naysay the wide-reaching social impact of her efforts, we too share JD’s belief in the “radical potential of dance music,” and look forward to the day when a statue of her and her synths takes its rightful place in New York’s parks system alongside Mahatma Ghandi and Giuseppe Garibaldi.


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