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      Emma Hearst Emma Hearst

      Emma Hearst

      August 14, 2012

      Why do skinny women cook the most delicious fattening food? We saw it first with Christina Tosi and her bevy of beauties from Milk Bar, and now again at Sorella with Emma Hearst. Sorella serves some of the most decadent Italian food in New York, and they are completely unapologetic about it. In this episode of Munchies we follow Emma and her business partner Sarah Krathen along with pastry chef Yarisis Jacobo to Mesa Coyoacan in Williamsburg for enough tequila to kill a burro. We also watch Ivan Garcia make what Emma calls the "best mole in the city.” The night is capped off by a return to Sorella to feast on Yarisis's fabulous bomboloni (Italian donuts) and gelati (if you don't know what this is, you’re an idiot). Buon Appetito!

      Topics: Munchies, italian, food, Tequila, food videos


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